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Football Manager 2015 Football Manager 2015 allows you to live the life of a real football manager – you decide who plays and who sits on the bench, you're in total control of tactics, team-talks, substitutions and pitch-side instructions as you follow the match live with the acclaimed 3D match engine.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1845
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Soccer, Management
Company / Developer
SegaSoft , Sega / Sports Interactive

Football Manager 2015 reviews ( 7 )

gince, Nov 9, 2014

Çok fazla yeni özellik ve geliştirme mevcut. En önemlisi, geçen yıldan beri yapılan çoğu geri bildirimi değerlendirip yapmışlar, çokta güzel olmuş. Maç moturunda ve oyunun genelinde yapay zeka gelişmiş. Ufak tefek hatalar düzeltilebilir.

DrGulag, Nov 9, 2014

The game is a vast improvement over FM 2013 (my last game). The user interface has been changed drastically and new options have been added - you could even call them slight RPG elements. You can earn licenses and what not. The match engine is pretty and there is just as much micromanagement as in the past. This will definitely be a time sink for me, MUST BUY! :)

Cummins1, Dec 19, 2014

I have been playing this game since it's beginning, and believe there are many issues with this one, There are an awful lot of injuries that make it unrealistic, also the high level of takeovers is unbelievable, in my career i'm on my 4th season, and 4th club and it is down to every team being bought over, even though i am being released i am working my way up, starting at Crewe, i am now the manager of west ham and being interviewed for the Man Utd and inter Milan jobs, even though i have not completed a season with a team? even at this, i see major changes for the good, the scouting system has been improved drastically and is now more realistic than ever. The in game play is also a lot better. I am enjoying this game apart from the takeovers and i hope this can be resolved. These problems should be easily resolved and i think we will have a fantastic game on our hands.

rancidale, Jun 14, 2015

Another year, another UI touch-up. Sales are going strong because there is no alternative in this game genre and SEGA can't be bothered fixing the longstanding issues. It is a simulation game, very data intensive. Still they won't move to 64 bit version, giving them the resources to vastly improve the gameplay. If you load all the players in the game to have a rich world and fuller experience, you'll discover that it takes too long to calculate the game days. That's because they are still using only one cpu core for most of the calculations. These things were somewhat acceptable 5 years ago. This game could be so much more, but as long as SEGA faces no competition, it will be only switching up the menus and updating the club squads every year.

Kharm, Nov 9, 2014

I reviewed 2014 (which was one of the most helpful user reviews) and i just had to review this years version too. This years version offers nothing new but some UPDATED things such as the interface and a update to the scouting system which i really do like, the sidebar is great and helps tidy up the interface and the scouting is much more interesting because players take more time to be fully scouting, like last years version you could hire a 20/20 scout and the player would be scouted almost instantly but now when a player is scouted the stats are ranged for example a players stats could be 12-16 but the more you scout the player the more accurate the scout report will be, some players won't like this system but i find it more realistic. The match engine is slightly improved by the way it looks and feels, they have added more animations to the players and the stadiums have had a bit of a face lift, they have also changed the lighting which is pretty poor because you can just about see the football depending on the time of day the match is taking place. The biggest issues right now with the ME is that every goal you concede will be from a cross or corner which leaves me very frustrated because its nothing to do with your team or tactic, it happens every game you play in you will always concede from a cross/corner and has to be an issue with the game itself which I'm sure they will hotfix or fix in a patch but this is just taking the fun out the game because no matter what you do or try to stop it happening it will always happen. Another issue players are complaining about and this is happening to me too is the amount of players that will get injured either in a match or in training, I'm currently halfway through my season and have always had at least 7 players out with injuries since the start of the season, Since FM 2013 the game gets released with issues and bugs that ruin the game, sure they get fixed in patches but last years one took 3 months to sort out before the game became enjoyable to play and i get the feeling that with the cross/corner goals and injury problem it will take them 3 months to sort this one out too. IN SHORT: This years version offers nothing new or any reason to updated from last years version apart from a updated interface and a updated player database, Wait for a fix on the problems this version has or stick to FM 2014

manko, Feb 7, 2016

The scouting system is interesting, updated database off course, better interface and better match engine... even thought it sounds like a lot it doesn't change much compared to older versions... I was also wondering if this game was really a football management game or an hospital management game? Each and every season I have at least 5 to 7 injured players the whole time... when one recover another one take his place. I even had 12 injured players at one moment in my first season. This really destroys the game. I also never had a match without an injured player... It's too bad because this game could be really good

Hangar18, May 2, 2015

Dreadfully buggy game and even more scripted than EAs Fifa. You just never know when you've won or lost a game due to good / bad tactics or random scripted bs. Pointless...