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Football Manager 2017 2,500 real clubs to manage and over 500,000 real footballers and staff to sign. Full control of transfers and decide who plays, and who sits on the bench. You'll follow the match live with our acclaimed 3D match engine.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2141
Genre Sports, Team, Soccer, Management
Company / Developer
Sega / Sports Interactive
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Football Manager 2017 reviews ( 7 )

chevy_chased, Nov 5, 2016

Best FM so far bar none. Have been some complaints the game doesn't have too many new amazing features but that's doing a massive disservice to the game itself. The match engine is better than ever. The transfer AI is better than ever. The way information appears for the user and the ease you can navigate around the game is now better than ever. I've never seen the match engine react so well to my instructions - I've just beaten Juventus with a weaker side playing intelligent counter-attacking football. It's like Mourinho when everybody still thought he was a good manager! If you want to get the closest you'll ever get to managing a professional football side this is it.

Mertiin, Nov 17, 2016

The best football manager this far. It's a huge improvement over the last one. This time around you actually need to think about your tactics and players.

Sabatasso, Nov 7, 2016

This is a manager game. It's a good manager game, but it's also a niche game. It's page up and down of statistics, numbers and what not. For the most part you'll sit with the feeling that it doesn't really matter what you tell your players to do, just like in real football (those who has had the pleasure of being a coach knows the feeling). In conclusion, since this is a pretty **** review, I laugh out loud to the idiots claiming the game hasn't evolved. It's a FOOTY MANAGER GAME! It's been more or less like this since the 90's and still going strong. Some games aren't supposed to change much, and this is one of those games.

apaeth, Jul 5, 2017

Lower Leagues seem to be broken. I played as AFC Fylde and couldn't even afford to field a decent squad in year 2 due to wage demands. First year salaries averaged around $550 a week with all contracts expiring after one year. Average backups wanted $800-$1400 per week for new contracts and all of my current roster wanted double their first year salary if they re-signed. How are you supposed to play a game when the board increases wages by 10% but players all want 100% more to play? Also, what no-name conference players without bonuses suddenly demand contract bonuses similar in terms found in the upper leagues? Poorly executed formatting in terms of finances for lower leagues...

p0p0c4t3p3t3l, Nov 8, 2016

Don't buy it. Get FM15 and you have the same game without all the useless 2new" feature. Dev is not taking into account what the players want. A horrible cashgrab.

WailingPuma, Jun 25, 2017

SI's goal with this year edition is to compete with the previous 2014 for the title of worse FM game ever. And I'm not talking about the fact it's a ctrl+c ctrl+v FM 2016, I'm talking about the same old problems about the match engine completely ignoring your 'tactical instructions'. If I set my team to play deep, pass fast and try a conter attack, I am the one who gets conter attacked! In the same match, the goals my team scores are all slow paced, short passing and working the ball into the box, which I didn't select, or set pieces, while in a match which I go for possession, BOOM, opp are caught on the break! And cmon, believe it or not, 2017's goalkeepers are EVEN WORSE than all the previous fm! I'm serious!

Albertoga, Aug 2, 2017

Una broma de mal gusto. Pones en tácticas jugar a la posesión y terminas con un 12% de posesión, pones jugar a la contra y terminas con un 60%, todo aleatorio, un desastre de juego. Los menus son complentamente engorrosos, nada está claro, no paran de salirte pop ups de mensajes que nada te importan o no son relevantes. Las ruedas de prensa son siempre lo mismo. Recomendaría antes el modo carrera de FIFA como juego de manager qu esta cosa, una auténtica chapuza de juego, deberían pagarnos por jugar a el. No recomiendo para nada la compra de esto, ni aún qué lo veaís por 0,01€. Saludos.