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Football Manager 2018 Fast-track your way to footballing history with the Football Manager 2018. A double-sided Management Masterclass pull-out races you through your first steps in the digital dugout and gears you up for long-term success, helping you transform your team from contenders to champions and elevating you to managerial icon. Football Manager 2018 achieves an interactive reality in depth, emotion and control like never before, taking you places only accessible in the completely immersive game world. Quite simply, it's the closest thing to doing the job for real. They say football is a game of opinions and everyone has theirs, but it's only yours that counts around here. You make the decisions now, from who you sign and who you sell, to how you manage your budget. Will you build tactics around the players at your disposal or train them in your vision of how the game should be played? Who you pick and who you bench will affect squad harmony, and its up to you to manage it. Every decision comes back to you. Get it right and youll be the star of the show, grabbing the newspaper headlines and dominating trends on social media. Theyll write your name in footballing folklore... if you succeed, of course. With unparalleled choices both on and off the pitch, all within the immersive footballing world, it's time to decide what kind of manager do you want to be?
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1603
Genre Sports, Team, Football, Sim
Company / Developer
SegaSoft , Sega / Sports Interactive
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Football Manager 2018 reviews ( 7 )

Kire_92, Mar 12, 2018

This is the first Football Manager I’ve bought in 4 years (due to the fact that there is not enough changes every year) and I’ve had a great experience with it. The amount of control I have over my team is great and the game looks better than ever before. And due to the depth of this game I can get lost in it for hours, days, months and even years. This game offers a lot of content and different challenges that keeps me going for ages. But there are still some problems in the game that has been in the series for a long time. A lot of the problems that are the most annoying according to me are those that arise in saves that you have been playing for a long time. For example that the game almost never creates big upsets or changes in the footballing world. The teams in the Champions league are almost all the same year after year. The top teams in the biggest division are almost all the same too. The only chance for something new and exciting to happen is for you to control a team and make history yourself. And there are a lot of other problems such as the game becoming very slow after a few years and other problems that arise in long saves. Bur the developers will probably never fix these due to the fact that they want to you buy a new game every year and making the game last longer is not something that's in their interests. But the game is still amazing and offers a lot of content and enjoyment and is well deserved of a high score.

thedaywalker, Nov 11, 2017

They finally steped up and changed their game. I think they could have done way more, at least in the team instructions department, but its really good. They included dynamincs which helps you make captain decisions and who to actually sell for the squad harmony to remain as intact as possible Liked some of the new roles they added, specially the inverted wingers which is something i told myself about since Football manager 2015 And also liked the new Briefing mode before the games, it is a load of help and helps you tell the team or each player what you want from them that exact match

ShadowPeter, Nov 10, 2017

Another year, another Football Manager. For those who do not know this series, which already dates from 2004, it is a football game that offers us the position of coach and we have to lead our club to success, being necessary to manage everything, including players, training and tactics. Many of those who know this series should already be asking what news has this FM 2018 in relation to the previous one. They are few and nothing more than an attempt to join the useful to... the game that still has the old problems of the previous Football Manager's. Dynamics is a new system of Football Manager 2018, which aims to add a new layer of realism to the game. This system aims to relate the state of team cohesion with the state of administrative support and team performance on the pitch. The hierarchy (Dynamic) presents a table, divided in 4 parts, with the players who are influencers. Social groups, which can be divided into 3 or 4 groups, are meant to show the connection between the players. In Dynamics (Satisfaction), we can also observe the happiness of the squad, if they are happy with the training, with the club, etc, just as we can call a team meeting and talk about the team's current performance, to try to increase the morale of group. Football Manager 2018 also has a new feature called "Medical Center". With this, we can see in more detail the injuries of the players, take care of the physical condition of the players, see the history of injuries that the players had and see the Risk Analysis of each player, among other things. Scouting only received a better organization and for the first time in the series, we can improve the facilities and buy packages that cover local, national or continental leagues. As much as the Social Groups and Medical Center were the aspects that pleased me more in this Football Manager, as well as I liked the fact that we can observe the strengths and weaknesses of our next opponent. The graphics engine has been slightly upgraded (it now supports DirectX 11), although it is considered to be minor. A plus of this Football Manager 2018 are the loadings. I notice they are much faster than the previous titles. But leaving the new features and the graphics engine aside, and time to talk about what is one of the most important nuclei of Football Manager: tactics. As always, the player has to build a tactic with his feet and head to lead the club to success. Offensive or defensive football, with or without ball possession, fluid or structured, frequency of crossings, short or mixed passes, etc. There is a lot for the user to choose. However, I have a negative point to point to the tactics of the game. I feel that some tactics are too strong compared to others. For example, I use an offensive 4-3-3 layout (two center defenses, two lateral defenses, three middle and three forward) offensive and in one of the games I gave 8-0 to FC Bayern Münich and I find it unrealistic. Goalkeepers, even the best, like David De Gea or Manuel Neuer, look like ducks to defend. They don't know how to force the balls to go forward or to another direction that does not carry the ball to the goal. The engine of the game (attention I'm not referring to the graphics engine) is somewhat retarded. Sometimes the players do not do what we ask (in the instructions) in the corners and the on free kicks. I ask them (in the corners) to point to the 2nd pole and do the exact opposite or send the ball to the other side. Sports Interactive likd (by negative) to undermine our club, with some players complaining constantly that they need minutes or because they want to be the starters. What about transfers in this Football Manager?? Sports Interactive also continues to sleep in this chapter. Clubs demanding a huge millions of euros cake to try to hire a completely unknown X player is nonsense. For example, I tried to hire an unknown young striker from AC Milan and the Italian club asked for 39.5 million. The new features of Football Manager 2018 brought a little breath of fresh air to the series, but the old problems continue to persist and Sports Interactive doesn't want to resolve that. Football Manager 2018 did an exhibition "à lá" SL Benfica (without anything against the club and without anything against the fans) and leaves from here with a draw.

LosOutlier, Jan 4, 2018

None of the new features are enough to distract from the fact that this game is still FM. What I mean by that is that what you do as a manager accounts for about 50% of how well your team does, the other 50% is just the game randomly deciding what the scores in each game should be. 6 seasons in with Whitehawk and the pattern is the same every season - I underachieve. I've lost count of how many games I've had stolen from me against the run of play, where I've had more clear cut chances than the other team but don't get the win. This happens in football but only in a minority of games - IN FM THIS IS THE NORM, GAME AFTER GAME, SEASON AFTER SEASON. The devs contend that there is no anti player bias at all in the game but this is a pure lie. How else can it be explained that with 6 games to go needing 11 points to secure the league, I conceded 5 penalties in those 6 games, collected four points, lost the title to some inferior team. Did I win the playoffs? Ha!! You gotta be kidding. Unless you enjoy feelings of rage and frustration then don't bother with this game.

oz4n, Dec 5, 2017

FM series was fun up until a few years ago. Then with all repetitiveness it became funny of devs releasing it every year. Now neither it's fun nor it's funny anymore that this is literally FM2017 v2. So stop this sh*t please.

fourminou, Nov 17, 2017

Not enough change. The 3d and graphic are even worse than last year I dont know how they can do this. The multiplayer game is unplayable for me playing from a different country than my friend... I bought all the football manager since 1998 but it's the last one I buy if they not make BIG changes.

icefrom70s, Nov 19, 2017

I've played every single FM since the first release and every single CM since CM 2001/2002. You cannot be serious with this game, FM18. By far the worst game the series has ever produced. It's 10 days since it has been released and it's not yet ready to hit the market as a live game. Full of bugs, it's absolutely ridiculous. I'm leading 3-0 at half time and I'm getting equalized because it won't make my substitutions. Once I make my changes, the substituted player appears on the bench in place of the player that should have gone on the pitch, but on the pitch is still the substituted player. So I have the same player two times (once running out of position on the pitch as I've changed the tactic and once chilling down on the bench). And many other bugs. Thanks SI for destroying all my trust in the series. I will think twice before I will buy any other FM. I think I will stick with FM16 as your work stopped there.