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Football Manager 2020 Run your football club, your way. Every decision counts in Football Manager 2020 with new features and polished game mechanics rewarding planning and progression like never before, empowering managers to develop and refine both your club’s and your own unique identity.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 99
Genre Sports, Team, Soccer, Management
Players Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Sega / Sports Interactive
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Football Manager 2020 reviews ( 6 )

socialist6, Apr 21, 2020

I noted the pretty critical critique from the gamers before starting to play again, have not played since 2013/2014 (the 3d engine did not work that well, and i was generally not very impressed). However since it was free to play for a couple of weeks, i wanted to check it out, and i must say i like the game. The 3D looks nice, still a few issues with the movement/physics and the amount of shots/conversion ... but overall there is a huge range in options for both players movement, ball physics and general action on the pitch! Massive amount of options off the pitch, projections, dynamics, engaging with players, transfer options, stats, club vision etc. I am impressed, and this game is back in my top 3 of all time best games i have played! I even bought it after the period expired :D!

wendez, Jan 19, 2020

O jogo é muito bom como todos os outros anos, mas o 3D do jogo é muito fraco para 2020 na minha opinião precisa de muito ajuste em jogabilidade mais realista na vista 3D do jogo, também em gráficos muito atrasados parecem de décadas atrás, relvado, estádio, e publico nas bancadas parecem de qualidade baixa mesmo em alta qualidade gráfica possível no jogo. Também novas animações e mudanças nos menus que ficam mais repetitivas ao longo dos anos

manotech, Dec5, 2019

Let the following: I'm in November, playing with a contender in a medium European league, best attack in the league, have won all games great dynamics, most games opponents don't even have one single shot. Out of nowhere my team stops scoring so for three weeks straight I put them in offensive training (modified by the addition of further chance creating and finalization) (I have 4 1/2 stars in offensive coaches). In this period my team scored a grand total of ZERO goals in 250+ shots made, despite having 5 VAR offside goals and 3 missed penalties. In this period I played in Europa League against a team so bad that my scouts can't produce a single piece of data and still despite having 73% possession, 33 shoots, 18 of which on target.

SuperMax156, Dec4, 2019

The yearly release cycle for this game is nothing but a cash grab, but I guess we are all used to that now. Only superficially different from the last game. Unfortunately this game stopped been fun a while back. Its super hard, I don't mind that, but this game seems bizarrely hard. I still play FM 12. Not as complex but more enjoyable.

emilian079, Jun 20, 2020

I've been playing every version of fm since 2015 and regrettably I must say this version is the worse. The match engine is so bad that I cannot even describe it in words. You can literally count on your fingers the ways you can score in a match: 1. set pieces, 2. crosses, 3. first time shots, 4. rebounds. THAT'S IT. Also, in 9/10 matches you dominate the game and by that I mean you have 15+ shots on target while the opposition barely gets 3 and for some reason you lose 1-0, draw, or best case scenario win by one or two goals. And this has nothing to do with the players or the tactics because I'm telling players to work ball into box and shoot less often while my strikers have 16+ finishing and yet still miss big clear cut chances that in real life would be converted without much effort especially when they are world class strikers. This happens too frequently now and it got to the point where it's just too disgusting to still be playing. Not to mention the tactics system which is also terribly weak developed. If you are playing this fm, let me just save you the effort and tell you that the only tactical style that gets you points is the gegenpress. Forget about any other tactical style because it won't work even if you spend hours studying other tactics that in real life would get you results. To give you an idea of how bad this is, I've implemented a vertical tiki taka style of play to teams like Ajax and Napoli (teams which in real life are extremely efficient using this approach). The results? I got knocked out of the champions league group stage with Ajax while finishing 3rd in Eredivise and with Napoli I finished on the 6th place in Serie A and got knocked out of the cup competitions in the early stages. Completely opposite results of how these teams would normally perform. There is only one tactical style recognised by fm and that ladies and gentlemen is gegenpress. All these things should not be part of a game which promotes itself as a real life football simulator because there is still a massive gap of the expectations and what the game actually delivers. With that being said, this version of fm will probably be my last for a long time because it's clear that the developers put no effort in improving this game so why would I continue buying year after year a product which doesn't show any real progress.

Wiebe, Feb 26, 2020

Football manager barely changes anything and republishes their game for full price. Greedy cheap basterds. The game database is great, but if you play for long enough and understand the mechanics the game becomes easy to beat, because it requires little adaption to the opponent and the scouting system is easy to game. There is also always some game breaking problem, such as crossings working insanely well.