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Football Manager Live Football Manager Live is a brand new game from Sports Interactive, the creators of the popular Football Manager series. It is a combination of Fantasy Football, Auction sites, Social Networking and the Football Manager concept all rolled into one. Buy now for these great benefits...Create and manage YOUR very own football club - YOU create your team name, colours, badge & home ground and YOU decide which players to sign. Choose your own dream team - Take your pick from Sports Interactive's world famous database of over 330,000 footballers, tailored to your part of the globe. Show the world how good you are - Play against your mates or other managers from around the globe in a gameworld that's LIVE and online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Choose from over 10 official associations - Choose the league that suits both your play time and style and work your way to the top. Develop your club - Use the innovative skill system to develop and improve your managerial style; unlock bonuses that will give you the edge. Exchange banter with other managers via the in-game chat facility - Will their mind games affect you? Play the game your way - The AI/Stand in manager takes control of your matches when you're not online. Wheel and deal on the transfer market - Buy, sell, loan and exchange players in the lively transfer market, or snap up some talent with the exciting new auction system. Create and run your own mini-leagues and cup competitions - Take on the best or compete for bragging rights against your mates. Balance the books - YOU have control over the financial running of your club. Will you sign your favourite superstar footballer or invest in a youth system for long term stability? Manage matches live - If a game's not going your way, change tactics on-the-fly from the virtual dugout. Will YOU take the glory? [Sports Interactive]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1529
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Soccer, Management
Company / Developer
Sega / Sports Interactive

Football Manager Live reviews ( 4 )

ReReview, Oct 27, 2010

Football Manager Live is a concept so different and re-imagined from the standard offline equivalent that many users probably won't be able to enjoy it in the same way. What this means though is that there is an entirely new game to love and you can quite easily lose hours, days, weeks and months of your life striving to bring through the youth that will turn your local pub team into one of the best in the gameworld. You play in parrallel with users from around the world, having real life time frames in which to complete a game although you can play them in any order as long as the user is online. You can set your club up in so many different combinations that there is always something new to try, whether you put all your eggs in one basket and build a solid team with one superstar or whether you decide to hedge your bets and take on a team of seasoned pro's with good starting ability in order to build your reputation steadily. There have been a great number of changes since I started playing in February 2009, but whether good or bad all have contributed to the dynamic online experience that has proved equally as addictive as its offline counterpart.

RussellW., Sep 28, 2009

Immersing, frustrating, addictive did I mention frustrating but still the best football management game out there. The game is continually being improved so it can only get better.

JohnP., Feb 2, 2009

An average game at best. This game would have been ok in 2004, but compared to the online play offered by MMO games in other genres as well as the online console games nowadays then this stale, unimpressive match engine embedded in a not quite so social environment simply won't cut it. Pity - the idea was better than the execution.

7cancelledsubs7cancelledsubs, Nov 10, 2009

no chance .this game is the worst i ever proved. the mods are offensive and they force u to cancel sub.they can access all ur private dates and they make racist insults.the support is worse.i hope this game, whose users are really a little, will be closed. dn't waste ur cash.i didn't expect a such product from sega. i won't buy fm10 too. i bought championship manager this year