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Fortix 2 In the next chapter crusader Fortix has to save the rest of the continent from an evil curse. On his journeys Fortix will be aided by his sister Floriana. Fortix 2 will be a “funtasy” game, where you have to conquer dozens of hostile wastelands, deserts, swamps, and convert to lush landscapes. Savage wolfs will be turned to peaceful lambs, bloodthirsty dragons to seed-picking pigeons.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1390
Genre Action Adventure, Puzzle, Action, Fantasy, General
Company / Developer
Nemesys / Nemesys

Fortix 2 reviews ( 7 )

Akraw, Mar 1, 2013

For what it is, it's a very amusing game. It's an easy pick-up-and-drop game that's fun for all ages. Get it on sale on steam for a few bucks if you can. Well worth it!

Lightbulb, Nov 7, 2011

Fun little game and I got it on offer from steam for under £2 and so I give it an 8. If I spent more, maybe only a 7 ;) Mainly posting to add some details about controls in response to another review. The mouse controls are fiddly, but keyboard is fine. You can hold down the CTRL key to stay on the border, which prevents accidentally capturing territory (introduced during later level, wasn't in tutorial for some reason). Levels get quite tricky later on with lots of new obstacle types added as you go along!

ludd_gang, May 22, 2011

Reminds me of Qix... This is a great little game with one major flaw: It doesn't record your personal high score on each level. Why this is absent is beyond me... It would add a lot of replay value.

keefbaker, Nov 13, 2013

i used to love the old arcade game qix which is what this is clearly based on so unsurprisingly I found this immensely enjoyable and recommend it to anyone who has a fondness for the old school.

CannibalBob, May 17, 2012

Being a spiced up version of the old Windows game Jezzball makes Fortix 2 easy to start playing. Some spiced up gameplay elements adds more fun and challenge, from dragons, projectiles, powerups and bats. Later levels offer quite a surprising challenge, with powerful black dragons who constantly seek out the player, firing fast projectiles. These challenging levels demonstrate how the gameplay falls apart, where the player must constantly make tiny boxes to proceed, and this quickly becomes tedious. These small tweaks are not enough to make the fundamental arcade-like gameplay any more satisfying.The hand-painted levels and cartoonish graphics support the indie and casual feel of the game, and definitely were a driving force in keeping me playing. The static view of the levels and limited environments depletes this effect. Fortix 2 only took me 3.4h on Steam to complete the mission on Normal. While Fortix 2 is a fun casual game that plays well with a gamepad or keyboard, its only suggested to get in a bundle.

AWG, Jun 17, 2013

Fortix 2 it's as funny, almost as cheap and as nostalgia-bringer as the original game but it somehow fails to be as addictive. Modernized, tablet-like graphics are not bad but I loved the old-style ones from the first game much.

sh4dow, Jul 5, 2011

when i saw a clip of this, i almost instantly bought it. luckily, i tried the demo first. it is really unfortunate how the great concept and style of the game is at least in my opinion destroyed by its controls. mouse is useless (should have really been clicking once on a target instead of dragging) and keyboard... well... one has to trace the exact shape of the border if one wants to move along it. you can't move inside what you've already conquered. how the developers came up with that stupid idea, i don't know. it makes keyboard controls unnecessarily clunky. thus: great concept and features but abysmal controls.