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Fortnite Epic Games next project has you building forts and stopping a zombie invasion.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2551
Genre Action, General, Shooter, Third-Person, Tactical
Company / Developer
Epic Games / Epic Games

Fortnite reviews ( 6 )

ZyankaIi, Jul 26, 2017

Having a blast. I love base building games. I must say its a bit repetetive but dont forget that it is an free to play title. Not for everyone. UnnamendCowboy said: " that there is no party matchmaking. There is! U can play alone or with friends or with random People. If u love grind games u cna buy it for 40 euros. But if u dont like paying just wait a year...

ZachStearns, Feb 5, 2018

In my opinion, Fortnite is very overhyped. There are much better battle royale games out there that don't get as much attention. Sure, it is free, but I don't feel like it should be as popular as it is.

Z1MS4L4B1M, Aug 6, 2017

Short: Save your money! This game has Potential but it is not used due to ignorant developers. The main parte of the game is grinding, but this grinding doesn't lead to any schematics. Husks or zombies dont drop anything. Only way to get forward in this game is by farming llamas. I bought the deluxe founders pack and opened around 150 llamas so far. Not one Single legendary hero and/or weapon. This is redicilous. If they implement drop rates with the husks, then this game can get a good one. But like this is is Really up to you,, to spend Hundes of Dollars to get forward. It is really a pure pay2win (-progress) title. Save your money...

DonsPizza0, Nov 22, 2017

if you want to play a game that last less then 30 seconds to 1 minute and getting mad this is your game my god i wont ill ever buy a game from this company ever again if i wanted to play with cheater and people with no social life but live and breath this **** i'd pick this! pile of crap!

bigguy, Jan 21, 2018

This game is simply awful. All i can say about it is that everyt time you get into a gunfight it just turns into someone jumping with a shotgun. Even after the shotgun nerf it is still op af

ParisTilton, Aug 9, 2017

This game has the potential to be great. In my eyes, at least 8/10 rating just because of how unique it is, its humor, and just the smoothness of the game. However, at its current state, I would not recommend it to ANY of my friends. Bad loot system: It's a game about finding loot, except the most desirable loot are behind a gambling system (think loot boxes). A player will only be able to get about 50vbucks (on average), this equates to half a loot box a day. While players who choose to spend money, can buy any amount of loot boxes as they so desire at $1 a pop. I could be higher "power level" than a player who has played for months, within 1-5 days if I spend enough cash. However, if you don't care how strong other players are, there are also OTHER bad implications of this system. The game has 4 general classes with about 6-8 subclasses beneath that. On top of that, each subclass can be different in rarity (commons and rares have about half the abilities of legendaries). So if you were to want to play the ninja class, you may not be able to. It would depend on what loot you got because heroes are loot too! And some may argue that you can easily find a common hero of any class. But let me tell you, the weakness of a common hero versus legendary/mythic will be significant very quickly. Poor Co-op In a team game, where you defend a fort TOGETHER, it would make sense that you are rewarded for team work. Not here. This game rewards selfish play. There will be many games where your teammates won't help you complete the mission. Either off doing their own side missions, afking, or just looking for chests. So it is not uncommon for one player to have to spend their resources completing the mission while the scumbags who don't help, get exp for the mission (same as the person who spent all their resources), gets whatever look they found while you were doing the mission, and gets to save/build up their resources because they were leeching off of you. Also, people who decide to be "griefers" can actually destroy the core of your base and make everyone lose the game on their whim. That's INSANE! There are numerous other ways to ruin a game too, but there are too many to list and VERY easy to do. Insane number of bugs By insane, I mean insane. This game is in early access (although it really wasn't marketed that way), but there have been so many bugs, that many players haven't been able to play for weeks. There was a bug on release week that many players couldn't play. Once they fixed that, there was performance bugs the following weeks where players still couldn't play. After their big bug fix patch earlier this week, many players lost their bases that they spent hours working on AND there were new bugs not allowing players to play! If you need a source, you can look at the game's subreddit. Every day, there is a new bug complaint about how PS4, xBox, or PC players can't play the game (although mostly console players). There are a sh*t ton more complaints. The only evidence you need is to look at the Fortnite Subreddit or forums. The majority of posts are about people being EXTREMELY upset and many players quitting the game. A recent poll on the subreddit showed that 48% of those who answered do not play anymore or only log in for daily rewards. This is only weeks after the initial release! However, you do not need to take my word for it, most video reviews and gaming reviews will tell you very similar to what I have. My best advice: Wait 6 months to see if the developers are actually listening to their players. The game will be free then and if improves are implemented, then the game would be worth checking out by then. But for now, buying the game for any amount of money is basically the same as paying some random guy to slap you.