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Fran Bow Fran Bow is a creepy adventure game that tells the story of Fran, a young girl struggling with a mental disorder and an unfair destiny.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1799
Genre Adventure, General, Point-and-Click
Company / Developer
Killmonday Games HB / Killmonday Games HB
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Fran Bow reviews ( 7 )

Asdf333, Sep 26, 2015

Most Click and Point games have a very limited amount of settings or dialogue and often offer a very cheesy story. This isn't one of them! Fran Bow offers great variety in all its settings, which are divided in multiple chapters, as you're travelling deeper into the truth of what really happened to her parents and her cat. Some of the story may be hard to swallow, but that's one part of the joy it brings. Even after you finished the game you'll keep on marvelling what's happened. And that, in my eyes, makes this game a jewel.

schrodingoether, Sep 1, 2015

An awesome game about a little girl in an introverted journey. The industry needs more like these. I really enjoyed how horror was played overall, using the basis of a child's eye. Awesome!

ThunderGemios10, Sep 5, 2015

Found this game on Indiegogo. Played the old demo Played the new demo Played the full version. Art = 10/10 The artwork is simply amazing. Those beautiful quality is great! Its also so cartoonish! Characters = 9/10 The characters are all unique, each has a major and minor role in the game! Story = 10/10 The story is simply amazing too! Each chapter has a mysterious vibe and really makes you curious everytime you play it! Especially the hidden lore of the game. Music = 10/10 Isak simply did an amazing job on the soundtracks. I might even buy or download them if they are available! Overall = 10/10 = Favorite game of the year!

zzzsheepyzzz, Feb 12, 2016

I love it when a game really speaks to my kind of style. This game is like a mixture of Silent hill with Coraline and/or Alice in Wonderland if you are familiar with any of these titles. A play on the macabre and fantasy with a child for a protagonist, Fran Bow is a very satisfying adventure game and it is amazing how interesting and challenging a point and click game can be. I am especially impressed by how the developers have managed to re-introduce the simplistic nature of puzzle/adventure games in such a stylish and intriguing way. This game shows off a lot of more traditional and dark art forms that are very beautiful. Along with humour, well thought out characters and an interesting story arch this game is definitely worth the play through. There are some critiques, most notably that it is too short and/or lacks a sequel (so far! cross your fingers), but I also came across some 'missing text' glitches **(nothing that takes you away from the game, but developers if you read this not all the text shows up when you combine items with things in the environment for example).**

Dee_Mon, Oct 10, 2015

The dark, atmospheric game with cool soundtrack and weird, remarkable characters. Simple puzzles. Relly liked this one. This is tiny masterpiece. One of the best indie games ever.

svperstar6, Nov 28, 2015

One of the best stories I've ever told in a video game. It's dark, disturbing and most importantly intriguing. It's short, yes, that's a shortfall but I must say I can't sleep well until I beat the game. I must warn you, its atmosphere is so tense it would find its way to your dreams. It's a two person show for anyone who likes good stories.

malcolmm, Feb 17, 2016

Not the worst adventure game ever, but certainly one of the most over rated. Nothing stands out - the graphics are average, the interface is clumsy and none of the characters are voiced. Puzzles are okay, except for a bugged puzzle that caused me to give up on the game. I completed all the steps required to solve a puzzle (I know this because there is a "recipe" for the required items), put the items where they are suppose to go, but the game said I was missing an item. Which leads to another huge drawback to this buggy game, no saved games. The game auto saves, so I was stuck. I could go back to the start of the chapter, but I might encounter the same bug. Play the very similar, but much better Anna's Quest instead.