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Freedom Planet Fight your way across the celestial world of Avalice where cats are green, motorcycles drive up walls and monster girls do most of the buttkicking! Freedom Planet is a cartoony, combat-based platform adventure that pits a spunky dragonoid and her friends against an alien attack force.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1606
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Company / Developer
GalaxyTrail / GalaxyTrail

Freedom Planet reviews ( 7 )

Fusy, Jan 19, 2017

This game is like playing a 90s cartoon. The voice acting is great (although the recorded quality is low), the soundtrack is fantastic, the boss fights are excellent (if a tad on the hard side), and the general feeling I get from this game is joy. It's reminds me of sonic, only it's a really great game. Will buy it again if it comes to a mobile game console. Will buy the sequel.

DistantWanderer, Jul 23, 2014

There is good games, and then there is great games. Freedom Planet turns out to be latter, thanks to developers paying attention to detail more than i remember seeing in quite long time. Story is not exactly Shakespeare, and voice acting isn't too good, but atmosphere is still both exciting and charming. Partly thanks to visuals that actually looked slightly better in-game than elsewhere. Music and sound effects turn out to be top notch as well. The most important thing, however, is gameplay, which is mix of various classics, without ever using retro-style-indie-game cliches, and it works incredibly fine as long you adjust sensitivity settings to fit your taste. But what is game without it's meat? Level design here is surprisingly varied and detailed, with lot of interactivity put into worlds. Enemies and Bosses are the main challenge, though, but even on their worst they seem decent. Game even occasionally has some clever tricks and strategies to use against them. Extra stuff includes collectible cards in levels to unlock stuff in gallery, mahjong and Shang Mu academy, series of mini-challenges so fun that it must be illegal. And the best thing about this already content packed game is... there is still more to come!

H3adHunt3r, Sep 1, 2015

From the music, to the gameplay, to the imagined universe in this series. This game is a great buy, and shows a very bright and promising future for Galaxytrail. This is a rare gem in the Indie game world that must not be ignored, and is a nod to the great 2D games of the 90's. I highly recommend buying this game, most especially If you are into the Classic 2D Action Platforming Genre.

mark511, Jul 24, 2014

this game is beeyond good its fantastic! if not better if your scrolling through these reviews thinking about getting the game stop go on steam and buy it, its more than worth it!!! PROS -the gameplay is brilliant with a 2d sonic feel with really fun characters to play as! lilac who is a fast sonic type character with a boost carol who plays like zero from megaman zero and another character who you unlock who i wont spoil who plays like mario 2 or even mr gimmick -free dlc -amaaaaazing music!!!!!! -great voice acting -a good story -and amazing level design CONS noooooone :P haha just play it!! like now.. or later your choice

Kaibutsu01, Jul 23, 2014

Freedom Planet is detail-rich, has a superb soundtrack, great controls, very like-able characters, interesting story and is actually very challenging without making you rage-quit (much). There's collectibles, achievements, mini-games and planned (FREE) DLC, so this game won't be forgotten on game libraries so soon. There's someone creating a lot of fake accounts and rating this game poorly, probably because this game has furries in it. Every game that has furries in it and isn't Sonic gets this treatment, sadly.

pfefer, Aug 8, 2014

Freedom Planet is an amazing indie retro 2d side scroller brought from the golden times of the Sega Genesis era, the gameplay is like a mix of Sonic the Hedgehog, Gunstar Super Heroes and Rocket Knight Adventures. It will be a nostalgia bomb if you owned a Sega Mega Drive. Freedom Planet takes place in a fantasy world which was invaded by aliens who want steal the Kingdom Stone, a stone that works as a large energy resource. The main characters are Lilac the dragon, Carol the wildcat and Milla Basset, all the three characters play completely different and have some exclusive levels. The level design is beautiful and some levels can be very large. The boss fights are intense and amazing. The Music is another of the strong points of this game, until the point the game OST had to be released. This game has pretty challenging difficulties too. The voice acting can be amateur at times and some minor bugs may appear., but verything else is nicely done, Freedom planet is on the levels of quality of Shovel Knight, if you like retro games, then Freedom Planet is a must play.

Stremon, Feb 17, 2018

This game is excellent! It combines the good old sonic style platform with a dose of new things to refresh the formula. The game is smooth, pretty in his nostalgia pixel art style, well animated and the gameplay is precise, responsive and damn fun! The level design is also really well made even if the levels seems a bit smaller than other games (which isn't always a bad thing). If like me you like sonic but think the old school "one hit lose everything, one more hit die" formula is really outdated, and taking a hit every time you barely touch an enemy is annoying, this game is for you!! I basically takes what's good about Sonic and makes it better, way better. For the price it's totally worth it, don't hesitate one second to buy it!