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FreeSpace 2 The year is 2367. Thirty-two years have passed since the Great War. As Terrans and Vasudans struggle to rebuild their civilizations, civil war erupts in the Polaris system. A rogue Terran admiral declares war against the Vasudans, threatening the stability of the Alliance. Without warning, the Shivans return, and Terrans and Vasudans face annihilation at the hands of their Great War nemesis. [Interplay]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 93 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2374
Genre Simulation, Sci-Fi, Space, Small Spaceship, Combat
Players 1-8
Company / Developer
Interplay / Volition Inc.

FreeSpace 2 reviews ( 6 )

Galvanized, Jun 15, 2014

Never played a game with as much atmosphere and and this coming from a space based shooter! PLEASE play this with a force feedback joystick. Wrestling the juddering controls amid waves of flak or fighting the Flailing Joystick after a collision just made this game that much more engrossing :)

Verdale, Jan 6, 2012

I still play this game, along with the original, at least once a year or two. Every time I play it, I still have genuine fun, which is more than I can say even new games these days. A true masterpiece in category, this game lives up the original and then some. Haven't played it? Play it.

iceonfire1, Dec 15, 2011

Absolutely excellent game. It has an elegantly simple (but very compelling) plot, and excellent graphics. Although it involves enough controls to blur the line between 'simulator' and 'game,' this is actually a highlight--the control scheme is well-designed and unobtrusive. Ever 2-3 years I try it out again and find that I instinctively remember how to play and shortly thereafter why I liked it so much.Even better, the original Freespace 2 has been vastly improved since it's release (see the Freespace Source Code Project). My only regret while playing this was that I could never find anyone on the multiplayer servers, despite rumors of crazy tournament-based fun, etc.

MaroBaro, Jan 1, 2014

it computer games one of the rarest things is when everything come together flawlessly. you know those incredible games with incredible gameplay but bad graphics, or the ones with incredible graphics but bad story, etc. etc. well, in freespace 2 everything just came together and you don't have to make a single sacrifice to enjoy it. flawless victory!

iiee, Oct 25, 2010

Greatest combat space sim ever made fullstop. Probably my favourite PC game ever and one of the last of dead breed of games the combat space sim. If you ever enjoyed Tie fighter/X-wing/rogue squadron then get yourself a joystick and grab this game and freespace source code project (the community upgrade) and prepare to fall in love.

tiailds, Sep 20, 2014

It's a nice game, but there are better ones out there made near the same time. The controls are all over the place and there is very little polish in the look of everything. The gameplay got old fast and made me want to play better titles.