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FreeStyle Street Basketball FreeStyle is the first foray into building a North American online gaming community that combines sports with RPG elements. Whether a hardcore or casual gamer, enter an immersive world that tests your skills in the ultimate street basketball to hit virtual playgrounds around the country. Dress the part, hit up the musical play list, then break some ankles as you team up with and against players just like the pick-up games of Venice Beach to Rucker Park – only this time you have the skills. Dude... don’t just sit there, ball’s in your court. [Vivendi Universal]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1073
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Basketball, Arcade
Players 6 Online
Company / Developer
Sierra Online / JC Entertainment
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FreeStyle Street Basketball reviews ( 3 )

MaticR., Aug 20, 2007

The game is absolutely fantastic! Ofc it has some bugs but they're improving it all the time. There's also some lag but nothin more than you'd expect from a MMO (like 10 times less than you'd expect actually). Gameplay is great, teamwork pays off, skill is a lot more important than lvl or gear of the character. TBH gear is only there to improve your stats by a tiny bit, it's all about skill. I reccomend everyone to try this game out (it's free till lvl 15 so go ahead), even if you dont consider yourself a sports fan or a fan of sports games. The game has best things out of 2 worls. A world of sports games combined with a MMO world. Grinding doesnt seem annoying at all since there's no actuall battles against NPC, but as mmo players would say.. it's all pvp.

AsrfsA., Aug 7, 2007

This game is the coolest game ever!!!!! I am pretty much addicted to it! Its SOOOOOOO fun this just may be the #1 Sports Online game. You can do so many things like buy clothes to help your attributes buy Skills like turnaround 3pointshot and freestyles lilke the on da floor dribbling move one of my favorite!

J.S., Jul 30, 2007

An enjoyable game, for the most part, in a genre that desperately needs more titles (online sports games for PC). There are a few gameplay issues that hurt the game a little bit (snatching rebounds as soon as they hit the rim, "kukgi" whatevertf that is) but it is still good for a few games every once in a while. Despite basically being an MMORPG, it never feels like a grind to level up, and unless you are playing people drastically more advanced than you, you usually have a chance to win.