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From Dust From Dust is a Modern God Game where Nature is the Star.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 4225
Genre Strategy, Adventure, General
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Ubisoft Montpellier
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From Dust reviews ( 7 )

DivideByZero, Aug 28, 2011

I am shocked the Metacritic user score is so low on this amazing game. So much so that i had to sign up to Metacritic to have my say too. I read the dev's are calling this the heir to populous and I would say that they are spot on with this. I loved Populous when it came out, couldn't stop playing it - same with From Dust. I love the fact that you control nature and not your men live every other god sim, that gives this a really fresh twist - which is exactly what the god sim genre needed. Sure there is a massive puzzle solving element to From Dust, but there always is to god sims and anyone who says otherwise would be lying or so well practiced at the same old god sim games they don't need to think about it (people who played every Age of Empires, Civ, Sim City etc. game would probably have to think a lot less than people like me who play god sims occasionally and don't want to have to watch several hours of tutorials just to be able to start playing like Civ 4). I found From Dust fun, pretty and addictive. Having completed the main story I am working through the challenge mode which is really cool too. The only thing I would change with From Dust is that I would make it longer in the main story - but the cheaper price reflects the shorted game so it's fair enough. I can't wait for From Dust 2, but I will probably replay From Dust a few times before it hopefully comes out.

Dethstar, Apr 12, 2012

I really love the gameplay within this game. yeah the Graphics could be better for the PC but they are still pretty enough. I was enjoying it immensely. The problem what that just as I started to feel like I was getting into it, the game was already finished. To be fair, the PC purchase price of the game reflected this so it is fair. I would certainly recommend it but I just dont understand why it is so short. All the effort to build a develop and great game and then create no content. It just doesnt make sense. I have been expecting a series of DLC to pop up since bringing up to a more full game experience in terms of duration, but nothing. I am left scratching my head just wondering why. I really do not understand why so many people dislike the game itself. It is in the same classic thread as the populous series and black and white although with less depth caused by the lack of content. A great game killed by a lack of content and the fact no one likes Ubisoft. However, one should give credit where credit is due. This is a great game experience.

bobbyv, Aug 24, 2011

Seriously, most of the negative reviewers here need to get a life. I hate the DRM stuff too, as the UBI Launcher only works 1 in 7 times. (Not only on this game, but on Settlers 7, an excellent, excellent game.) I guess this is a form of boycott, and hopefully they listen, but still... let's move on to the game. The graphics are fine. Anyone complaining about things like 30fps and antialiasing issues needs to turn off the monitor and go outside. It's 60fps and max AA out there. The controls are a little fiddly but not bad... you're not trying to place things that precisely anyhow. I haven't tried using a controller with it, but that might be a little better than the mouse. I consider this a kids' game difficulty-wise, since it reminds me of the first 15 levels of Lemmings. I'm sure the reference will go over 90% of people's heads but for puzzle games it's the original. Maybe some expansions can offer some bigger challenges. The message that we have to recover the knowledge of the ancients is a good one to leave kids with... the most important one, really. Anyhow, this is a fun game for anyone who [never had/misses having] a sandbox. Have fun pushing around the sand, rock, and water and don't worry too much about the little people on the screen. They're just there to help out your imagination a little if you've grown up in the sterile, cartoons-and-gaming-saturated world of the 90's and 00's. The mechanic could easily be utilized in a full-budget title to great effect. I'm always hoping for an Actraiser reboot :)

jaward1, Aug 17, 2011

Controls for this game are AWFUL!!!! The Breath is inaccurate and sluggish and hard to get where you want, meaning that for disasters you are SCREWED because it is so difficult to act fast enough!! Graphics are poor and cannot be customised apart from the resolution! Story is rubbish. I had a strange bug where it kept minimizing my game to desktop every few clicks.HOWEVER, it is a fantastic idea and does have a very distinct style, it is just not utilized fully, instead being a very average puzzle game. Very disappointed.

alexania, Aug 21, 2011

Apart from all the porting and DRM issues it suffers horribly from Spore Syndrome. Great idea, Eh game. It's pretty much the Simcity terrain editor, with some awesome physics thrown in, and dumbed down Lemmings gameplay added at the last minute. There's just not enough depth, and thus gets boring pretty quickly.

MisterMassacre, Aug 18, 2011

From the console reviews and with the name Eric Chahi I expected this game to be fantastic and purchased it as soon as it launched.Big mistake.Instead of a fun God-game with great art direction and graphics I got this unplayable mess with terrible controls that runs and looks like ass on my rig (which runs Crysis 2 and every modern game maxed out by the way). The mouse controls are just broken and frustrating, the game runs between 15 and 30fps for seemingly no reason and there are no graphic options to speak of except for the option to change the resolution. Awful controls and performance plus a complete lack of polish show the lack of effort Ubi Soft put into this port, something they are getting a reputation for, I would have derived more enjoyment and less disappointment from just lighting the $15 this pile cost me on fire.Do not buy unless Ubi fixes it, which they won't, as usual.

theNILE, May 9, 2013

I'm going to forget the DRM/always online stuff because there is a game-breaking bug. I could not even finish the game because at a certain mission, I had a bug where villagers won't die, then I can't do anything. The game still runs, but a villager doesn't die, you cannot complete that mission, you have to start all over again. They'll get washed out to sea, still be swimming, forever. If they get out of water, they'll just stand there, forever, they'll be completely submerged in water, just standing there, looking around. It's bad enough I felt that the game itself was mediocre due to the controls being stuttery and delayed, an irritating AI, no pathing control, low frame-rates for the mediocre graphics. I found myself getting frustrated trying to get fire trees to work properly and honestly things such as this ruined the experience when really the trees and stuff shoulda made the game great. This is an unoptimized port of a game which should of been pulled.