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Frozen Cortex A simultaneous-turn-based tactical game from the creators of Frozen Synapse. Defeat your opponent’s plans on a randomly-generated playfield in this brutal futuresport.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1226
Genre General, Sports, Team, Futuristic
Company / Developer
Mode 7 Games / Mode 7 Games

Frozen Cortex reviews ( 3 )

Multihog, Apr 15, 2015

Great, even better than Frozen Synapse (and equal with Door Kickers) Don't like sports? It doesn't matter, neither do I, and yet I love this game! It's very tactical and fun. It's also visually pleasing and the replays look awesome. Has a nice single player league, upgradable robots, etc. Highly recommended. This is my absolute favorite game of 2015 so far, above Pillars of Eternity and others.

Cheshyr, Feb 24, 2015

I like this game. Don't let the sports facade fool you; if you like turn based strategy, this game has a lot more depth than first glance suggests. Full disclosure: I was on the closed beta, so I've had more direct contact with the devs than your average player. My perspective may be biased. As a fan of Frozen Synapse, I was expecting more of the same this time around. The first couple weeks of testing showed promise, but the sports theme turned me off, and the absolutely brutal AI made it difficult to enjoy. They've since tuned the AI and match settings to be more accessible at the beginning, and even more ridiculously difficult at the highest levels. The real breakthrough for me came when I started to understand all the rules of combat. It IS a strategy game first and foremost, with a sports veneer. Winning is downright satisfying, since you know you'll never be handed a cakewalk. You start to accumulate tactics and tricks that give you little advantages here and there, and that depth is where it shines. The game becomes yours. The waypoint system is polished and intuitive, the graphics are clean yet pretty, and the cameras and animations are very satisfying. The music is excellent. There is a story that pops in and out of the single player leagues; you can engage with it, or skip over it as you see fit. It's interesting flavor, and gives depth to the coaches, but not mandatory. The multiplayer features are robust, and it's nice to be able to take as much time as you want to make your moves. Player-organized leagues. Multiple simultaneous games aren't unusual, so you'll never have to wait for a game. Email notifications of pending turns, YouTube auto-capture and upload... nice polish features. It's a tight, aggressive strategy simulation that's easy to understand quickly, and has room for complex plans and tactics. I think it's worth taking a look, if that's your style of game.

los_majklos, Nov 14, 2014

I found this piece very interesting and entertaining, although its clearly not meant for everyone or for the average Joe. It's basically simulation of future sport, kind of American football variation, with possibility to make your own team of players with mixed skills. Deep design thoughts and sexy look included. I say give it a try.