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Fury Taking the brightest elements emblazoned in the hearts of MMO fans and combining them with traditional RPG gameplay, Fury has culminated in the ultimate competitive online RPG. Advanced combat, in-depth character advancement and teamwork mixed with fast paced and diverse game types make up the core of Fury's gameplay. The dynamic cycle lets you fight, earn rewards and customize your avatar with a richness and depth never before seen or attempted. The evolution of Fury's combat system is a union of hardcore RPG factors with elemental changes, providing action packed gaming at a feverish pace. Bring these outstanding battle scenarios together with unparalleled matchmaking ensures players will always experience a fun and well matched fight. Plus, character development has been brought to all new levels letting your unique personality and style shine through at every level. Unleash the fury. [Gamecock]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 57 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1473
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Fantasy
Players Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Gamecock Media Group / Auran

Fury reviews ( 6 )

TenetLotD, Oct 31, 2007

Fury is not an FPS or MMORPG, something that "Fury Beta Tester" choses to ignore. No matter how much mouth-foaming walls of text you're going to trow to slander the game and other reviewers, the truth about it will come out. The people you call 'fanboys' are jaded PvP gamers who are tired of the mind-numbing sugary miasma of the mainstream gaming industry and can't wait for CORPG games like GuildWars and Fury to revolutionize the market. The fact that you actually like World of Warcraft discredits any opinions you may post about PvP games. Graphics and Performance: I run the game on a Core2Duo E4300 OC system with 2GB Ram and 8800 GTS 320MB, what many will consider midrange/low-end by current standards. I play on the High-Renderer (UT3) on medium settings and get 50-60 FPS. There is a going thread on the Fury forums listing people's machines and FPS reports - and the majority can run high settings. That's despite known bugs in the code that cause lower FPS then the engine is capable of - something that's going to be ironed out in the coming patches. The Visuals in the game are on the modern level, and while you can nitpick and find occasional misses there are many more stunningly beautiful designs and views in the game. The animations are great, with some impressive details and very few mistakes you're unlikely to notice. The character designs are very theatrical - a style that emphasizes expression over realism. You're not supposed to play the game zoomed in with your character right under the lens. I enjoy playing the game as intended and watching my character run around and kick ass in intricate armor. Support Auran are probably the most community friendly developer in the CORPG/"MMO" market. They care about the concerns and opinions, and frequently remind everyone of their presence on the forums. Many key improvements in Fury during Beta and after Release have been derived from interaction with the gamers. What's more important they do not avoid responsibility and admit when they mess up. We get constant progress reports and they are working on making those even more accessible and detailed. No other company in the business is being this open and honest. This gives Fury a huge potential for balancing and improvement over time. Gameplay Fury is not just a fire-and-forget game release. It's a competitive PvP platform with hundreds of factors and abilities being balanced towards fun skill based gameplay. This goal is obviously impossible to achieve right after the retail release - much like GuildWars, Fury will take time to reach its full potential for skill based play and competition. Unlike other games Fury developers are 100% focused on that task without distraction from PvE carebears. Is the gameplay sufficiently deep at this point? Compared to other MMORPG's PvP - YES. Compared to the CORPG standard set by GuildWars, not yet but getting there. Most people who review the gameplay do not play with all abilities unlocked, aren't aware of the metagame, and don't compete with clans. You can't gauge the depth based on your newbie experiences, unfortunately. What I can guarantee is that there is already significant skill depth and some clans are much more skilled then others. There's a variety of ability builds you can use and roles you can play in a match (for example not every top team is running a dedicated Healer, there's a working alternative for more self sufficient damage oriented builds with the ability to alternate between offensive and defensive action. As a newbie just getting the game it will take you at least a month to reach veteran levels of understanding, and as you progress it will keep getting better balanced and diverse. There will always be something fun to discover and ways to improve your strategy and execution skills. The current best mode is Vortex because its much more about tactics and mobility and much less about nitpicking the best possible ability combo. BloodBath, the non-team FFA mode that most reviews are based on, is nothing but a for-fun arena for most. I've you're competitive you'll find Elimination (TD) and Vortex (CTF) to be much more attractive. I could write more but getting tired. Overall I gives this game an 7 (above average) with existing problems, an easy 8 in the coming weeks as more of them get resolved, and an eventual 9 as it matures within a month or two. I'm giving it 10 right now to somewhat offset to highly unfair 0 rating and shallow mainstream media reviews. Watch the reviews from TenTonHammer and Epileptic Gaming once they are released - both sites delayed them to allow the game to mature and iron-out the typical release issues. If you enjoy competitive PvP with strong emphasis on strategy and team tactics Fury is a blessing!

GregM., Oct 20, 2007

Excellent game. Seemingly simplistic and devoid of content at first glance, but offers exactly that which they were attempting to achieve. A game that has an MMO flavor with FPS style pvp action. The only foreseeable issue is the number of players that will actually enjoy this type of content, as it's clearly not for all gamers. Personally, what I've been looking for for quite some time, a game that is pvp centric, yet doesn't involve any mindless grinding.

circuitbreaker, Nov 8, 2007

Pros: Great concept, devoted, responsive dev team. Cons: The game. Specifically, the graphics, the gameplay, the UI, the lag, the queue times, the myriad technical issues, the ridiculously complex proliferation of skills and gear, et cetera. Tested since Alpha. Tons of potential. None of it utilized. Simply not ready for release -- too many bugs, too little optimization. I'm the target audience for the emerging CORPG genre (also a long time GW player), but the game is just premature. Pointlessly large and complex lobby is not fooling anyone -- not a meaningful persistent world, which is fine. But why 700 artificers and repairmen and skill trainers for the same skills? Too many issues resulting in too low a population to really flourish. New players are pretty much destined to get ganked by the few experienced clans remaining -- not enough people to allow the matchmaking system to really work.

DisAppointed, Oct 19, 2007

This game is Dead on Arrival. So many mistakes have been made with the marketing and release of this bug ridden half game its not funny. Not enough content, overly complex archetype skills that are just the same thing with a different color X 4000. What could have been a good PVP game turned into a cheap knock off of GW pvp and WOW arena done very poorly. Horrible user interface, unbalanced skill sets, and the worst implementation of the unreal engine ever. For all the resources this pig eats up, it runs like crap and looks nowhere near as nice as the screenshots they advertise with. Its not an MMO its a Mistake.

JhonM., Nov 1, 2007

I wouldn't call this a game... more like a buggy laggy not working demo. sound is horrible when it works, unless you have a supercomputer graphics is a joke, its a shame to see the unreal 3 engine treated in this way. besides this the game is very repetetive and boring after a while... stay away!!

FuryBetaTester, Oct 26, 2007

Where to begin. First do not listen to any of the reviews that give this game anything over a 5. Those 9s and 10s are from the fanboys on the Fury forums who are trying desperately to stem the negative press for this monstrosity of a half finished game. Listen, you work hard for your money, so don't throw it away on a thinly conceptualized game thats incomplete, poorly designed and is constantly making excuses for why it doesnt work the way it should. If you go to the Fury forums you will see the fanboys screaming constantly about how even wow had problems when it was released. The Hubris of comparing this turkey to World of Warcraft is beyond comprehension. Horrible interface with one of the most cluttered and ungainly skill selection designs ever made. 400 skills times 10 ranks of each giving you 4000 skills...right...in actuality those 400 skills are across 8 archetypes and the majority of them are rehashed recolored variants of each other with a good bulk of them being throw away skills you will never use. Limited game types...only three arenas currently and none of them are very interesting or have long lasting appeal. If you are not in a clan forget Vortex or Elimination as you will just spend your time getting ganked. And Bloodbath, the only viable solo arena is hardly ever enabled due to bugs, lack of players and a host of other issues. The game is a time sink but unlike WOW where you time sink and grind for gold gear etc, this game actively tries to sell you in game gold via the developers. They have no shame, first they rip you off for 50$ for the game, then they try and rip you off for another 50 or so to unlock all abilities, charge you a monthly fee if you want to have extra rolls on loot or run faster in the lobby (and the game consists of one big lobby when not in the limited arenas), and then they try and sell you gold to let you buy the ridiculously overpriced items in game or skill levels if you havent bought the UAA. Oh yes you can also pay hefty amounts of gold to color your hair - 25g for blue. The game is bug ridden, lag is constantly a problem, and unless you have a supercomputer you are going to find this game practically unplayable. The nimimum specs listed are really a joke. you wont play the game like that. And even a lot of people with high end systems still experience lag and everyone experiences the many many bugs in this game. They keep saying oh we are fixing it changes are coming etc, but i heard the same thing during the 2 months of beta testing and the game was pushed to release with a lot of the bugs in place. They continually fall back on "well no game is perfect at release not even WOW." Well, i say, there is a limit to how many excuses you are allowed to make for why something is subpar and not worth purchasing. Look the fact of the matter is that this game which is based on the Unreal 3 engine is a resource hog, but unlike games such as BIOSHOCK which is also based on the Unreal 3 engine, this game is one of the worst implenetations of that engine imaginable. The graphics look horrible. The physics are choppy and highly suspect, the character animations are stale and jerky. And Lag only makes all of this even more annoying. You may wonder how the heck this game can use so much of your system resources but still look and play like crap...well...you are not alone in asking that question. Really had high hopes for this game, but its just a stale rip off of Guild Wars PVP, poorly designed, horribly implemented, and destined to end up in the bargain bin in 2 months and shut down in under a year. Its not complex, or skill based. Its a button mashing lag fest with Flavor of the Month builds dominating. The player base is horribly small and there is a reason...this game has turned a huge number of players off and has incredibly bad word of mouth on the street. Is all the bad press deserved? After betatesting this game for almost 2 months and playing it since release i can guarantee that its negative reputation and horrible owrd of mouth is very well deserved. If you just cant abide WOW any longer and you really want a fantasy pvp option, save your money for Warhammer or Age of Conan. If you waste your money on this you will only have yourself to blame.