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G-Force G-Force is a fast-paced action-platform game featuring a unique elite team of specially trained guinea pigs that use high-tech gadgets and specialized talents to complete a dangerous government mission. G-Force puts players in control of both Darwin, the guinea pig leader of the covert intelligence G-Force squad, and housefly surveillance sidekick, Mooch, as they team up with the other G-Force agents and use their gadgets, stealth mastery and pint-sized teamwork as mankinds only hope to complete a dangerous high-level government mission. G-Force uses innovative gameplay featuring a unique sense of scale, puzzle solving that requires players to manipulate environments and enemies, including diabolical waffle irons among evil household appliances. [Disney Interactive Studios]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 63 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1160
Genre Action, General, Platformer, 3D
Company / Developer
Disney Interactive Studios / Eurocom Entertainment Software, Eurocom

G-Force reviews ( 1 )

krissman123456, Oct 18, 2014

The hamster textures are great 10/10 9/11 hamster apocalypse.I have played a better hamster simulator.Hitler approves.Controls were better and easier than that plane that i crashed into that building in Manhatan.The stealth was amazing,considering you are the size of a peanut.Great game it lives up to it's no hype.