Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords Crack/Patch

Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords is the sequel to Stardock's hit turn-based strategy game. Galactic Civilizations is a strategy game that takes place in the distant future where mankind has become a space-faring civilization and now must contend with other galactic powers who strive for domination in the galaxy. The basic concept behind Galactic Civilizations II is the same as the first one -- to build an interstellar civilization. [Strategy First]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 88 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1644
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Sci-Fi, 4X
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Stardock / Stardock

Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords reviews ( 6 )

ChrisW., Feb 23, 2006

Easily one of the best strategy games I've played. You can tell when a game is truly a labor of love -- these guys really poured their souls into this thing. The ship design feature is awesome, the AI is fantastic; as for the bugs...anyone who played Galciv 1 knows that this company backs up its products with patches and support -- long after sales have tapered off. I actually haven't experienced any major bugs yet, but for those who have you can be sure that Stardock will get it fixed ASAP. A must have for strategy fans!

Rroberto, Mar 21, 2006

with the latest 1.1 patch adding loads more content and fixing some minor issues this game just suck hours away from your life. i found the various AI settings very impressive and challenging. Turn based games for the PC are few and far between and this game just makes it so much sweeter, what with planet management trading fleet management this game keeps things simple and fun. also another plus is how you can create your own ship designs. ive managed to create so far the battlestar galactica, enterprise, cylon raider klingon bird of prey, basicly you can design almost anything that takes your fancy. another thing about this game is that they decided not to add the starforce protection system and you have to comend stardoc for doing this. and the last plus is that after its installed you dont need the disk in the drive to play it.

J, Feb 24, 2006

This game is wonderful. A return to the thoughtful, challenging, turn-based strategy titles that many of us long for companies to put out. My guess with Neil B. is that he didn't bother to read the readme and make sure his drivers etc. were up to date. The company is among the best in terms of product support and not only updates its products but puts out extra material for free. (okay, got a bit long winded there). The game features customizable races, ships etc. and is the spiritual successor to Master of Orion II in my opinion. The many ways to win (cultural, military, trade, diplomatic) are all excellent and balanced and have overtones of Civ. IV. I haven't been this happy with a purchase and its replayability in a long time.

InterplanetJanet, Mar 1, 2006

Any rating below a 7 is a farce! Either someone has picked up this game and expected Real Time action or is addicted to FPS. Stardock is really the dream company we all want behind our games with free content and lots of love shown to their cutomers. This game is not easy. You better bring your brain and have a strategy coming right out of the gate or you will be working to come from behind by turn 30. The animation is nice and menus streamlined. This game is what you make it, it can be a military fight or a diplomatic chess game...just make sure you build some kind of military or you will be eliminated. The game smells your weakness and guilts you about your bloodthirsty strengths. I give it an 8 but that's just because I think a 10 truly means Hall of Fame game to me. An 8 to me is a game that I will never get rid of but not play exclusively like BF2, XCom, or Morrowind...I'd say this is a solid customizable game with solid gameplay where brains over mouse clicks will decide if you win. The only thing I wish in a game like this is a little more "fun" factor that entertains you while you play.

NeilB., Feb 22, 2006

This would be a very good game if it wasn't for the bugs and unpolished nature of it. I crash 5-6 times everytime I try to play and have had a dozen corrupt saves already. Test your damn games companies!

MikeW., Aug 1, 2007

I have given this game 0 because, even if you have a totally legal purchased copy of the game like i have, the protection system is blown out of all proportion making it impossible to register the game and get patches or updates.These guys really need to take a close look at what the hell they are doing, customers like myself dont want to spend hours trying to get their purchases registered & updated or being sent on wild goose chases trying to resolve these protection CD Key issues.