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Galactic Civilizations III Galactic Civilizations III challenges players to assemble an empire that dominates the galaxy through conquest, diplomacy, cultural hegemony, or scientific research.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2828
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, General, 4X
Company / Developer
Stardock / Stardock

Galactic Civilizations III reviews ( 7 )

ClinkinCups, May 15, 2015

Now I've been following this game since alpha as a supporter. I've watched it flow and ebb and finally morph into a BEAUTIFUL final product. Here's why: The Dev's have been nothing but accommodating for us. Listening and taking our idea's from the forums to the project lists. This made us supporters feel like part of a family and i personally know i assisted in the making of this game. The cinematic of battle mode make me have a "Nerd-gasm" every.single.time. Its fabulous and it has come a long way from its initial stages. The strategy itself is direct and time consuming. Something more 4x games need today. To wake up in the morning with your coffee and slug away on your immense universe. Struggling to keep your economy going in the midst of a global depression. The AI are SMART and **** Ive died multiple times from there cunning attacks and alliances against little old me. For anyone saying the AI is not well done. Take a step back and please, Please go look at other AI dependent games. You will see the beauty of Gal Civ 3. All in all? I love this game. I would recommend it to ANY of my friends. 4x fans or not. This is the strategy game of the year.

xtom, Jun 1, 2017

Great turn based 4x strategy game. Some newer 4x games go for a colder realistic and immersive look with their graphics but the galaxy maps, planets and UI in GalCiv are colourful, interesting and a joy to look at as you play. The ship designer and steam workshop add a ton of user made ships and civilizations so there's always plenty of new content to explore. Devs are actively working on and improving the game at time of writing. Recommend playing with the Crusade DLC as it adds a lot of great gameplay features and -1 from score if played vanilla.

Paradox1950, May 14, 2015

I’ve been Beta testing this game through steam early access for some time and find that it doesn’t disappoint. If you like epic 4x turn based strategy and galactic conquest this is the game for you. When I say epic scale the largest map size labelled “insane” has 500,000 map hexes and you can play against up to 100 AI opponents. They have taken Galactic Civilization 2 and enhanced all aspects of it, the ship designer that allows you to design your own ships by scaling, rotating and clipping together premade parts is awesome fun. You also add practical things like weapons, defences, drives, and special equipment. The game has 7 premade factions all of which have some of their own unique abilities, technologies and planetary improvements out of the box and allows you to create further custom ones. It also includes a campaign that follows on from the GC1 & GC2 story lines though I have to confess I prefer to play in sandbox mode. The game still has a few bugs and rough edges here and there but StarDock have a well-deserved reputation for patching their games with not only fixes but features and improvements for years after release aside from already planned DLC and expansions so you can’t really loose with this game. Unlike its predecessor this game also supports multiplayer.

Fikthenig, Aug 27, 2017

The game delivers everything it promised. The only objection I have with this game is that it can get a little boring as time progresses. Although I am not much of a civilization strategic type of gamer, I have played other games like Civilization Revolution, Tropico, and Age Of Empires and I found those to be more interesting then Gciv3. I did appreciate the high end graphics and I taught the mechanics were just fine. I also felt that the enemies were either too easy to defeat or to hard to oppose. Good Luck and Merry Ruling!!!!

Axehilt, Nov 8, 2015

Great strategy games are a series of interesting decisions. GC3 lacks that flow of interesting decisions to be a great strategy game. Everything else is there. You have all the typical types of decisions (exploration, colonization, research, production) and even some unusual ones (ship design) and it's all executed at a high quality level. But strategy games are about the strategy, and GC3 just falls flat in that regard.

DocMoriarty, Jul 8, 2015

At a first glance GalCiv3 sounds better than it's predecessor but only on the "paper". Compared to GalCiv2 it's missing a lot of features and tools that make micro management of the systems easier and which are very helpful. It's often really simple things that are missing, such as the list of uninhabited planets or sorted ships by name in the shipyard. Another backdraw is the list of planets which is a joke compared to GalCiv2. But these shortcomings make it very unpleasant to play longer or with bigger maps, which contradicts the games claim that now even bigger maps are (at least technically) available, because they are practically not playable with the game mechanics at hand. If you haven't played GalCiv games at all so far, then i urgently recommend to get GalCiv2 Ultimate and forget about GalCiv3. Probably they are improving GalCiv3 over time, but so far i haven't seen any signs of that happening. I played mine for just 2 sessions and never again. Too tedious. Waste of money. When i go back to playing GalCiv i'm certain i'll do a GalCiv2.

Ogbek, Sep 27, 2015

Doesn't support steamos despite being a recent game. That alone means I won't buy it. It's basically just a retread of Galciv II with better graphics -- no bad thing, but certainly not compelling enough to buy a game that won't play on a steam machine.