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Game Tycoon Game Tycoon welcomes you to the ground floor of a massive new industry. It's 1982 and you & some friends are discovering the wonders of the personal computer. When you realize the potential for creating a new kind of game for them - "video games" - you decide to start a new business dedicated to it. You picked the right time -- the gaming revolution is about to begin. Can you become the biggest player in the industry, or will your little company fade out and disappear?

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 44 / 100
User rating
Downloads 980
Genre Strategy, Tycoon, Management, Business / Tycoon
Company / Developer
Tri Synergy / Tri Synergy

Game Tycoon reviews ( 4 )

mitcog, Mar 1, 2014

Even though Game Tycoon 1.5 does have problems and had a poor release on Steam, it doesn't mean that it’s a bad game. In fact, it would be completely erroneous to call this one of the worst games ever made. I have bought many modern AAA games which have been extremely disappointing; in fact, I've had more fun and put more time into this small, 11 year old game, than in many modern critically acclaimed games. Like I said at the start, this game has some issues, most of which are small and don’t impact the gameplay at all. The larger problems happen very infrequently, if at all. The largest thing I have had happen to me after many hours of gameplay is one crash. I've seen multiple games on consoles crash more often than this, and have more problems than this old game. I see, however, people all over the place raging on about how awful this game is, making me doubt that they've even played it. This bit’s going to be more-so centred on the other two reviews written here, which state that one cannot make money; this is obviously a completely false statement, as I have roughly 25 million dollars, and have bought out my competitors by purchasing all of their shares. It may be a somewhat challenging game, but it’s not that hard, guys. Geo over it. SHOULD YOU BUY IT? Well, if you’re into these kind of games, and you can be somewhat forgiving when it comes to small bugs, then I believe that you, like me, will have a fun time with this game. I have, without a doubt, gotten my money out of this game, and do not regret buying it. I didn't listen to all of these people on steam demanding a refund, and took a risk that I don’t regret at all. I would like to say that this game may not be quite as good as Game Dev Tycoon, however, it is ten years older, and takes this genre in a completely different way; one which I would say is definitely worth a try. I’m going to rate this game an eight out of ten in order to somewhat level out the rating, and would rate it realistically somewhere around a seven out of ten if others weren't raging so much.

TheDXDan, Feb 25, 2015

A complete Joke,This game is confusing and the graphics are just bad. it is not worth the money and the game is boring,uninteresting and just bad in my opinion

Jacob01, Feb 16, 2014

This game sucks because you can't earn money! Really? What kind of people made this game?! Caveman? Seriously what kind of Tycoon game is this if you can't earn money? God, Tri Synergy sure did a amazing job making sure this game sucks

Gene01, Feb 16, 2014

This is the 2nd worst game very made (the 1st being Hotel Giant 2), you can't earn money and there's no fun. Seriously, whoever gave this game a positive review you need to play other tycoon games and then compare this to other games and you'll see that this is a boring simulation game with no fun.