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Gary Grigsby's World at War Gary Grigsby's World At War gives you the chance to really run a world war. History is yours to write and things may turn out differently. The Western Allies may be conquered by Germany, or Japan may defeat China. With you at the controls, leading the fates of nations and alliances. Take command in this dynamic turn-based game and test strategies that long-past generals and world leaders could only dream of. Now anything is possible in this new strategic offering from Matrix Games and 2 by 3 Games. [Matrix Games]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 727
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Historic
Players 5 Online
Company / Developer
Matrix Games / 2By3 Games

Gary Grigsby's World at War reviews ( 7 )

matwhit, Apr 17, 2014

This is really an outstanding game for those who enjoy a turn based strategy game that is primarily military but also has economic and technological decisions that greatly impact the game. The historical accuracy achieved through random events and timing of nations into the game is also very pleasing. The game accomodates for varying levels of AI competitiveness although it is definitely below human level and needs additional resources to complete for more advanced players. I'm yet to try the multi-player which is facilitated via the matrix website. Graphics reflect the age of the game but are servicable. Really outstanding game overall that has the best balance of strategic, tactical and economic/technological aspects for WW2 without extreme complexity.

JohnP., Apr 9, 2005

Great grand-strategic game. I read another vote on here that said there was no way to undo unit moves, ambphib assault - that is flat out wrong. Both of these are quite easy to do. In fact after about 3 hours w/ the game the GUI now seems very good to me, very quick without too much unecessary clicking. Gameplay is fast and fun - and ADDICTIVE. All countries playable across the entire world. Supply system is optional but once you are using it brings an entirely new and interesting dynamic to the game. Great great fun game!!!! --John

JasonB., Apr 28, 2005

Very good game, with alot of hidden strategic depth. Pretty easy learning curve with managable game lengths (3-5 hours for a full single player game). The AI is very good, particularly for a grand strategy game, and can play as axis or allies with equal skill. And yes, the manual explains how to do amphibious assaults and undo moves...

DanE., Apr 13, 2005

Great game for old school wargaming strategy buffs. Not for the clickfest crowd. Amphib assaults and undoing Moves ARE there. Not a simple game, and maybe too much detail for most. Graphics merely OK, user interface not intuative but learnable. Good strategic decision model, robust logistics, tactics abstracted as they must be at this level. Rewarding but demands some time to learn. Not perfect, but certainly deserves praise for capturing the global conflict that was WWII in a long evening. More "chrome" would have been welcome, but the basics of WWII grand strategy are here in a playable package.

Chimp, May 30, 2005

If you like the board game axis and allies, get this, its pretty much the same. if you want a deep global WWII experience where almost anything is possible, get hearts of iron 1 or 2.

TrentT., Apr 6, 2005

I picked this game up on sale and I'm glad I did. I'm a big Axis and Allies boardgame fan so this looked great on the box. However, there are many things wrong with the GUI (no way to undo a unit move, no way to conduct an amphibious assault - despite reading the instructions over and over) The units are flat and all the same across the world and the production is non-intuitive. The production tutorial doesnt even work. Unfortunately, this game is almost as bad as the recent release of Axis and Allies by Atari a couple months ago!

MikeN., Apr 9, 2005

I was expecting so much more. The game play is unintuitive and unrealistic while the graphics are amatuerish & years out of date. I was hoping this would be a simplified Hearts of Iron, but its a total waste of money. Don't buy this unless you play a demo first. I bought it because of the Gary G. legacy, but don't be fooled like I was!