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Gas Guzzlers Extreme Gas Guzzlers Extreme is an action-packed, fast paced racing game with insane combat features. The game features a variety of cars, from humble superminis, to full on giant yank tanks! The player starts with a low performance vehicle and gradually works their way up by earning money through a series of uniquely challenging races.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2182
Genre Simulation, Driving, Car Combat, Vehicle, Combat
Company / Developer
Iceberg Interactive / Gamepires

Gas Guzzlers Extreme reviews ( 7 )

Gunghoe, Oct 8, 2013

One of the best racing games out on PC, I like it more than most arcade racers, even with out all the guns. If you played Rages multi-player, this game makes that game's multi-player looks shallow and unfinished mini-game. Where this game comes into action is that it is like V8, Twisted metal, or even like the death race films. This game also has an awesome challenging campaign mode as well. With hilarious bot names, and awesome sponsors, Only in campaign the game has a progression system, and the cars get better only in story. While In multiplayer, the game is balanced, where only the cars handling and weight are effected. You will find the car you like the most. Even as a "cart racer" comparison this game blows the competition out of the water with its races. This game has dedicated servers, and many steam intergrated things. which is a bonus to all PC gamers alike. It also has many things you can adjust in the options menu like all PC games should, from lower quality to awesome quality the game is pretty well optimized and has many of the features a racing/car combat game should have. The games graphics are pretty great too, As a bonus. The car customization is pretty awesome as well. It is one epic fun filled game. I am resplendently surprised that it exists, basically came out of no where. I would recommend this game to everyone. If you like a great arcade racer, and a great car combat game, this is your game to play. And only for 25 bucks off sale it is a steal (This game is on sale for 25% at the moment on steam, well worth the money) :D see you in the game!!!

Shomimaster, Oct 15, 2013

guess what folks? I was playing mp yesterday and it was just like crazy fun. Like British used to say for Germans, football is the game where 2 teams are playing and on the end Germany wins, in GGE we got DreeMax who's very hard to beat. Challenge him if you've skills!!

DreeMax, Oct 9, 2013

What can i say, its awsome game, so replayable, with unbelivable and crazy multiplayer! Team races and modes are my favourite, CTF is unique for racing game world. Old School Game where anything depends on your skills. MUST HAVE!

Leo4211, Dec 23, 2013

I actually enjoy this game pretty much. The best thing is the gameplay it's so intense when you are under attack by teaming-suspected AI and your health is under 30% and you can't find a single repair powerup. It's pretty fun firing at AIs with turrets, machine guns, mines or even lasers which makes you feel badass. The graphics are not spectacular but good enough. The control is good once you get used to it. The only bad thing I can think of is the cars. Some are pretty ugly but overall the game is really good.

ThaGabz, Oct 9, 2013

It is indeed an amazing vicious game, especially for those who would like racing and action combined. Brings back the good old days of Interstate '76. Definitely a most have. And the multi-player brings even more fun! Go get it!

Alpherior2, Oct 18, 2013

I was quite surprised by how well Gamepires managed to turn around this Gas Guzzlers franchise. Races always felt exciting, combat was solid, driving was solid, the customization, vehicle designs, interface, everything. It never actually felt repetitive to me during the single player campaign as I was able to choose what game mode I could play to progress, never being locked into just a bunch of fixed campaigns. This game is also a prime example of why rubber banding in racing games can sometimes be a good thing You're never just always leading in front, CPUs are always around you, and you're always fighting them, making races truly feel they have some depth.

NoCrapReview, Apr 5, 2015

Addictive game but the enjoyment is taken quickly away by quite possibly the stupidest AI ever written. If you play with other drivers, they act you're not there, hence ram you like if you're against them, prevent you from killing, grab all the guns before you, and slow to a half to grab ammo. VERY cool game to play with friends, but the "defend the base" and "survivor" modes with the computer shows the complete lack of time out into the AI.