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Gauntlet (2014) The venerable Gauntlet four-player co-op action gameplay returns in a new experience. Battle the endless hordes of foes as you and your friends fight for treasure and glory via both local and online co-op multiplayer.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2112
Genre Role-Playing, PC-style RPG, Western-Style
Company / Developer
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment / Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Gauntlet (2014) reviews ( 7 )

Drahsid, Sep 23, 2014

This is an amazing reboot, great game, lots of fun, with more features coming soon! I recommend you buy it now, especially if you like arcade dungeon crawlers, as the series is the granddaddy of them. #NeedFoodBadly

TheChriss, Sep 25, 2014

First time I saw this reboot on steam, I was thinking " 20$ only... should be like a mini game with such a price" I played the other gauntlet released on PS2 several yeears ago, and I remember having so much fun playing with my brother. So I guess this on could not be worst and I also needed a game to play with friends. The point is... This is perfect The maniability is really good and pleasant and easy to learn, and for those who say there is a probleme with the control... I guess they are not very smart because it's really easy to fixe with the keyboard and buying a pad is not that expensive... The progression of the caracter is something I really like... You don't loos your time in your inventory full of random **** like in diablo for exemple. You juste take pleasure by killing creatures and the succes system will upgrade your caracter, prefect!! But you spend time in this smart shop were you can choose your two Relics and try to find the best combo for your caracter. The graphics are simple and nice, we don't need more. This is the perfect game to spend hours and hours with friends and have fun with them. What else???

Cacophony, Sep 23, 2014

This game is a tremendous co-op experience with partially randomized dungeons and hilarious cooperative/competitive gameplay. The four playable characters have very unique playstyles which complement one another nicely, and the difficulty can scale up to require a truly seasoned party to overcome. Character progression is satisfying and interesting, eschewing Gauntlet Legends' experience-based system for one which provides discrete bonuses for individual actions and achievements (you start healing when you blow up food if you do it enough!). Overall, Gauntlet is and always has been a game for people with friends, so if you have a group of buddies to play and laugh with (either over voicechat or on the couch with you), you're going to have a great time. Playing solo is still fun, but might be too difficult and doesn't really showcase the true shine of this title. For $20 this title is absolutely worth every penny.

twistedreal, Dec 1, 2014

I picked this game up on sale for $10 and I must say that it was a well $10 spent! Coop is a blast! I tried playing it alone but without the coop element it got dull pretty quick. Gauntlet, 20 years ago, was about being in the same room as someone else and killing monsters and getting gold together. I can do exactly this in Gauntlet 2014. My biggest issue with the game is the wizard class. the combo button scheme is strange to me and isn't gauntlet like. The wizard isn't a class that anyone can pick up and play. All other characters are great! Don't look too much into the negative reviews. A lot of people don't understand what Gauntlet is (this is a little different from the traditional concept Gauntlet, but imo a good twist) . I think they were expecting something more along the lines of Diablo. You aren't going to have fun if you play this by yourself and conquer it in 4 hours. It was meant to be played as a team!

Sjalka, Sep 26, 2014

Gauntlet 2014 is a good revision of an old classic. However, it is not Gauntlet. Some time ago, there was another reboot ( which did not have the license i think ) it was called "get Medieval" - which was much more in the spirit of Gauntlet. This Gauntlet however feels much more like a mixture between Diablo 3 and any other generic dual stick arcade game. 1) visuals: The game looks OK - but not great. It does run surprisingly bad for how it looks though - and especially the settings/options menu is outright terrible. 2) gameplay: The game offers non procedually generated dungeons, which limits the replayability. I am not sure if the original offered it ( i kind of doubt it ) - but from what i read about it, the actual levels were larger, a lot less restrictive. Gauntlet offers linear levels with occasional secret spots - but usually closes doors so backtracking or actually using the enviroment becomes unavailable. What made the original gauntlet special was the monster generators, which produced legions of monsters - turning the game more into a gorefest like "infested planet". This gauntlet is fairly conservative with its monsters it seems. The monsters are tougher - hence you get less. 3) character classes: hm - they are not very balanced. While the original games classes were pretty much the same with just different sprites, in this revision the classes are a bit too different. the IDEA of them is not bad - and being different is very good, too. - but not if some class is much weaker. warrior: kind of generic melee class - but no reason to pick him when the valkyrie is better valkyrie: generic melee class archer: feels very weak, possibly a good support, but not so much suited for singleplayer in my opinion mage: interesting concept, but too complicated in a fast firefight. switching spells should not have been done with 3 key combinations, but rather with hotkeys - the mage already severely lacks other instant defenses ( dodgeroll, block etc ) so for now - it is a fun game for a .. more or less fair price - if patches fix the game, especially the options menu and optimize it more. however, in terms of a revision of the old classic, it does not come very close.

kangggunw, Sep 30, 2014

Game's combat systems, movements are very good. Combats are really fun and nicely programmed. But even for 20 bucks this is too short and too repetitive. The air and comical sense of it is wonderful and all and co-op is pretty fun but when i'm to score it, i simply have to comeback to the basic problem. For 1 week-with friends run it'll do 20bucks' work. otherwise If you bought it for singleplay, you have every right to be mad.

Seinekar, Mar 19, 2015

It drives me mad some people argue things like "Hey yesh its very short and simple" (even more if compared with previous gauntlets who had almost infinite levels) "...but the basis is nice and we are hoping for new epic DLCs wich will increase game time and add variety" HELL NO. Enough about that DLC scam. Gauntlet remake is a short, simple, soft-worked game. While its basis is still fun, it feels like devs ran into a hurry and cut the game while having just 3 tilesets (worlds). Gauntlet Legacy is just 1000 times better that this one. This one should still be a reallyc ool game, if it were at least 4-5 times bigger and varied, not just 3 "worlds" (tiles) with 4 levels each... Of course DLC would improve it, (in fact there is already a DLC with a new character, the necromancer) but still that should be a real scam. U pay full prize for the "basis" of the game, worth around 4-5 hours of gameplay, then u buy DLCs to "complete" the game. And thats the point, new DLCs wouldn´t exactly be a extension of the game, but the pieces required to really have a full game. We could also point not just the lack of content but poor design (key rebinding is unknown to the game), and the fact its intended for multiplayer only. (Ofc u can play solo, but no really point on it, since it doesn´t have a real character building or progress at all, its a multiplayer experience on its core) I give it a 1 just for the fact that, the little "piece" of game that is made, is ok done. (just fine, nothing specially remarkable) But as said. If this game get tons of DLC to expand gameplay time and map variety, as well as enemy variety, and they get all on a single bundle together by the prize of a fair game, THEN and only THEN it should be worth to buy and play it -with friends, ofc.