Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for Windows 10 Crack/Patch

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for Windows 10 The story of Gears of War thrusts gamers into a deep and harrowing battle for survival against the Locust Horde, a nightmarish race of creatures that surfaced from the bowels of the planet. Players live and breathe the role of Marcus Fenix. A disgraced former war hero, Marcus seeks personal redemption as he leads his fire team against an onslaught of merciless warriors from below. * Remastered for Dolby 7.1 Surround * 90 mins of new campaign content from the original PC game * New Xbox Live achievements (1,250 Gamerscore) * Concept art gallery and unlockable comics * Modernized Multiplayer featuring: * 60 frames per second * Dedicated servers * Skill-based matchmaking * New game types - Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill (Gears of War 3 style), and new 2v2 Gnasher Execution * Total of 19 maps, including all DLC and PC-exclusive maps * 17 unlockable Gears of War 3 characters for Multiplayer progression * More Match customization including Actives, Respawn Time, Self-revive and Weapon Respawn * Modernized gameplay with smoother movement and updated controls: * Alternate Controls and all new Tournament Controls * All controls tuned for Xbox One * Adding the Gears of War 3 features you love: Enemy Spotting, Multiplayer Tac-Com, Improved sensitivity customization

Download Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for Windows 10 Crack/Patch

Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1648
Genre Action, Shooter, Third-Person, Arcade
Company / Developer
Microsoft Game Studios / Epic Games, Splash Damage, The Coalition

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for Windows 10 reviews ( 7 )

stri9ker, Mar 7, 2016

I was put off at first when I brought this game , Windows 10 updates , couldn't get online multiplayer match for the love of money , it was annoying but I held in there :) Now 3 -4 days into this game and its becoming 1 of my favourite games of all time - especially multiplayer. The graphics are lovely and the lighting is the best ive seen yet , it really adds to the already top notch atmosphere , This is gameplay at its best and its been worth the wait . I am using i7 skylake 4.0ghz - 980 ti 6gb - 8GB memory and I am consistently getting 100fps with no issues at all , to anyone who has issues always make sure your drivers +windows is up to date . No game deserves a zero ,especially this 1, Give it chance and you will be well rewarded 10/10 all the way .Multiplayer for the Win .

pratikgorasia, Aug 31, 2016

This is best game i ever played. why negative marking from user i dont understand i played in lenovo y50 70 with nvidia gtx 860m laptop in high setting and i had no problem graphics are mind blowing cutscenes are so cinematic story is great I WISH MICROSOFT BRINGING GEARS OF WAR 2 AND 3 IN PC. OVERALL I GIVE THIS THRILLING VISUALLY STUNNING GAME FULL SCORE.

Imperius1913, Mar 2, 2016

Great game that Gears Fans all know and love, the graphics and the sounds are gorgeous, needs some improvements to run better This is why i gave it a 9, Microsoft keep up with the good work and bring me Gears 4 and i will be a happy consumer.

plotlesviolence, Mar 7, 2016

OVERVIEW = 3 A remake of the first major 3rd-person cover-based shooter. [PRESENTATION = 2 (Graphics = 3) Gears of War always looked good, especially on PC with 1080p resolution. Ultimate Edition is identical; you’d have to have a side-by-side comparison to notice the differences. (Visual aesthetics = 2) You’re a gray-armored character in a gray environment fighting light-gray enemies. The occasional glowing yellow lava sticks out because of the surrounding gloom. Call it “enemy camouflage,” but it lacks variety. The visual clutter hasn’t improved. Epic’s better shooter, the Unreal Tournament series, managed to be bright and colorful, so what’s up here? (Sound Effects = 8) (Voice Acting = 8) (Physics = 8) Ragdolls, blood spurts, and body parts exploding into gibs when blasted or sawed in half. (Plot = 1) As with many games, plot is just an excuse to move between setpieces. But I always loathed that in every level your character would put his finger to his ear and slow-walk while the game force-fed you unskippable exposition. Cutscenes were actually less aggravating. Never make dialogue or cutscenes unskippable; if they’re good, we’ll watch them, if we’re replaying the game for the third time, let us play instead. [CONTROLS/MECHANICS = 7] Aiming and running is smooth. The cover-based combat still holds up, I mean, it would have to, right, given that it took over shooters the same Batman:Arkham scheme took over all subsequent melee combat games? The “active reload” minigame that offers an opportunity to boost firepower at the risk of longer reload time adds a lot. I like that it switches to “tank” control (left/right turn instead of strafe) while you hold down “B” for the chainsaw, because it would have been too hard to also move the right joystick with the right hand. I dislike the unreliability of the chainsaw bayonet, which led to dying when it failed to operate on command. I never liked the Halo-style limit of only carrying 4 guns. In Halo it arguably works because there’s some strategy involved in switching mid-battle. There’s no strategy in GoW: 3 of weapons are permanent (the Lancer since it’s better than the submachine gun, the revolver since it’s the best pistol, and the grenades). The remaining slot is reserved for the only gun with available ammo, presented lying out in the open when it’s time to switch. Why bother pretending that we have a choice? The Hammer-of-Dawn superweapon takes up the pistol slot, but you only use it 4 times, and each time it’s used once, then replaced. Why not let us switch between all 8 weapons so we’d have options? Other than the submachine gun, weapons all work well: sniper, shotgun, explosive crossbow. DESIGN = 2 (Level Design = 7) I dislike that several levels have you split into left paths or right paths, because you shouldn’t be forced to have to replay a game to see everything. (Difficulty Curve = 3) The purpose of recharging health is to allow players to self-calibrate difficulty. Better players charge ahead, worse players take more rest breaks behind cover. But to keep up the difficulty, GoW starts throwing enemies that one-shot-kill in the final third, and it’s frustrating to spend 10-20 minutes clearing an area only to be killed in 1 second. The aggravation discouraged me from experimenting with tactics. (Modes = Singleplayer, Multiplayer) As with the original pc release, the pc version of GoW:UE lacks the splitscreen cooperative game mode its console has. I have fond memories of beating the Xbox360 version twice with my friend. I really really really hate when developers do this to ports. Splitscreen has already been coded, PCs have more power than consoles, so why kneecap the port by actively removing something? I don’t buy the explanation that pc is harder to standardize, because the game engine is already working on pc. And I don’t buy that it discourages piracy, because making a product intentionally less appealing discourages legitimate buyers more. And I certainly don’t buy that pc gamers don’t play locally, because I do, all the time. 4 wireless Logitech controllers, an HDMI cable, and my school’s bigscreen tv in the student center and, bam, we’re playing splitscreen Unreal Tournament 3. And frankly, it’s easier to set up on my laptop that it’s been on any console since the Nintendo 64. (Length = 8 hours, 10% padding) CONCLUSION This is a rerelease that offers nothing but an un-noticeable graphic upgrade, at a cost of more than 4 times the price and adoption of the Windows 10 store monopoly. It might have been worth it had they added back local co-op. While I hold personal animosity towards the GoW franchise for diverting Epic Games away from developing Unreal Tournament games, the original Gears of War 1 still holds up and would have been a 9/10 at the time of release. But as a full-priced game 9 years later, Ultimate Edition must be judged against modern shooters. So I recommend buying the 2006 PC games-for-windows-live release instead.

SilentCheech01, Mar 6, 2016

Has to be installed through the horrible Windows Store. Single player performance is abysmal. Multi-Player runs pretty good, but i bought it for the campaign and it is unplayable even on a GTX 970. Settings don't make a difference. Runs like garbage on all settings. Never buying another title off the windows store ever again.

Joe_Friday, Apr 23, 2016

Another abomination from the Windows Store. First you have to struggle through hours (or days) of slow, buggy downloads that constantly disconnect. You will finally appreciate Steam, Uplay and Origin after you see what a nightmare it is to download a game from the Windows Store. IF you can download it, once it's installed you have limited choices in the setup menu. Want to tweak the game to improve it's stuttering frame rate? Sorry, since it's a Windows 10 app it doesn't allow you to set up basic video functions like every other PC game does. In conclusion, Microsoft HAS to be sabotaging PC gaming on purpose, probably hoping to drive gamers to the Xbone console in desperation.

Skillzaa135, Mar 1, 2016

The graphics aren't even that great, the game is visually horrible, looks like a game from 2008, this game's performance is absolute dogpoop, as i said before this game doesn't deserve any money at all, its horrible piece of crap, this game is a joke