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Gemini: Heroes Reborn Gemini: Heroes Reborn is a first person action-adventure that asks users to enter into the role of Cassandra, on a journey to unlock incredible powers, unique in the Heroes Universe.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 56 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1154
Genre Action Adventure, Linear
Company / Developer
Imperative Entertainment , Phosphor Games / Phosphor Games
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Gemini: Heroes Reborn reviews ( 6 )

pratikgorasia, Jan 20, 2016

bring more games like this. visuals are great,story is descent,feels like playing life is strange ,mirrors edge all together. you will not regret playing this game as it has good pace and good action. its good action adventure game with good female protagonists

jsweet1087, Jan 26, 2016

Good game not Great but enjoyable a little dull at moments and also a little reminiscent of Bioshock lets be real. But all in all not a bad game with decent mechanics and interesting combat.

SuperkenGaming, Feb 1, 2016

Gemini Heroes Reborn A great Adventure Puzzle Game Gemini Heroes Reborn tells the story about a girl named Cassandra, she’s special, she has powers but isn’t sure where she came from.. She’s looking for answers. For the story of her past... The game starts out with you getting these fly glasses that give you a heads up display of enemies and the text of conversation going on throughout the game Quickly after your friend Alex gives you these cool specs, he’s captured and it’s up to you to rescue him, only problem is, there’s locked doors and debris everywhere, so you get through the world by heading back and forth between the present and the past, IF you run into a locked door, you either have to go to the past or future to take it from a guard, or maybe in the future there’s a hole in that wall.. This is the premise of the entire game, Switch back and forth so you can progress through the world, get through doors in your way, and hop over platforms and across beams that no longer exist the world is the puzzle You actually spend a pretty even amount of time in both the present and the past, and you can switch freely, you even have the ability to get a bit of a peep hole into the time period you’re not into for a quick judgement, This time shifting can also be used to stealth around enemies, I personally chose to use my awesome telekinesis powers to throw objects at their heads, use my slow down ability to catch their bullets and send them back to where they came from, but you don’t need to do this.. Enemies don’t travel through time with you... nothing does unless you grab it with your telekinesis first. There’s not too much to the gameplay here, it’s not all too exciting, what is exciting though is the overall experience this game offers... its adventure and story... The story hooks you in and plays with your mind, the adventure portion of this game are very similar to half-life 2 and portal 2, you’ll find yourself in tight spaces, you can climb, hop gaps mirrors edge style... it’s just fun While there isn’t much meat to this 5 hour game, the journey it takes you on is worth your time and I really hope this game doesn’t get over looked I give Gemini Heroes Reborn an 8/10

hhhhojeihsu, Feb 19, 2016

I haven't seen the TV series before. So I am not a fan of that, and I try to be neutral. Graphics(9) - Unreal Engine 4 present a glorious game looking. Story(5) - Well. The story is getting better at the end. But before that, I have no idea why I should keep playing the game. And the character's behavior, I have no idea any normal person will do that. Even in game their behavior just irrational. Game Mechanic (8) - The protagonist's ability express well in the game. Like traveling between time and space, slow mo, telekinetic. However the game lack of skill combination, adding more skill should improve game experience. And the game lack of hint, I know how should the game proceed, but I still a bit confusing through out the game play. Sound (5) - Nothing noticeable to praise about. And when combating, the music didn't give me an intense feeling at all. Performance (7) - Loading time is a little bit long. I didn't encounter many bugs. However, just like I said before, the lack of hint made me think I am stuck because of bugs. And I just complete the game on normal difficulty. Yeah, the enemy AI is really kind of stupid, or the protagonist is too powerful. Overall - Well the game is kind of fun with those superpower, but the poor story just pull down the entire game experience. It's just a mediocre game.

Brousitch, Jan 24, 2016

Gemini firmly holds your hand and guides you through embarrassing story and various time bending and telekinetic mechanics we've seen and played before. It's Bioshock for teens scared of visiting Rapture, Mirror's Edge for players who need waypoints for jumping from one ledge to another.

GreenMachineG, Jan 31, 2016

Game impresses with how it looks, and the super powers are masterfully done. Sadly, an array of bugs, poor story, and stupid enemy AI brings this game down. 6.0/10