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Gemini Wars Gemini Wars is a Real Time Strategy Game set in space, featuring an epic campaign controlling fleets of ships in massive battles.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 55 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1261
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Fantasy
Company / Developer
Camel 101 / Camel 101

Gemini Wars reviews ( 7 )

Buba28, Aug 20, 2012

This guys are the Spartans of rts games, only 3 guys made a game that usually another team of 50 or more and bigger budget would have made. All others should be ashamed, I hope seeing more from these guys!

stewjitsu1, Nov 5, 2012

Awesome game. The gameplay is solid. The graphics are good. The storyline is very compelling if not a little predictable. The voice acting is adequate. The only criticism I could offer is that I wish that the GUI was a little more friendly.

LucasTheMan, Nov 12, 2012

Excellent game. Love the campaign and the story going along with it. I just with the characters' motivations could be a bit more explored and explained. Skirmish could have more modes too. Other than that, it's a fun and entertaining title.

VoidWarrior, Aug 24, 2012

I didn't know about this game until a few days ago. After checking out a few gameplay videos and trailers I decided to give it a go. It was a very nice surprise. It could have a bit more strategic depth, but it's a great game nonetheless.

Zissor, Aug 16, 2013

Got this game on sale, it was a great finding (never heard about it before). It has a couple of minor glitches, but I'm finding it very entertaining so far. Played a couple of missions on skirmish before to get the feel of it, and only then did I start the campaign. The first campaign missions begin a bit slowly, but then everything goes up, including the scale of combat.

addchild314, Nov 5, 2012

While the Steam release brings multiplayer and skirmishing, it feels like a patch job rather than an improvement. The campaign is just as good as it was, but skirmish, at least, is painful.

Falkon, Aug 11, 2013

Bought the game for 20$. Began to play, went through the 2 tutorials. Started a skirmish game to get the feel of things. First off the navigational controls are the worst I have ever seen in 25 years of gaming, well almost the worst. The zoom in and panning constantly freezes and one must constantly click on other functions to unfreeze the nav.- and no it's nothing PC or software related, the game system I am on is a god system with literally the latest of everything 12k rig. Ok so the 2nd game breaker is that the speed has only 2 settings, default and 4x. Well the default is much too fast for anyone wanting to do an strategy whasoever, sorry I'm not a teenie bopper joystick jockey. So after 1.5 hours trying scoping it out, I have concluded it's not worth further perusing. Deleted from Steam and this is the last I'll think about it. The rest of the game seems interesting, sadly I never got that far. I highly recommend not buying from this Indie until they get the basics figured out, like fundamental navigation for a 4x space game that actually works.