Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Serial Key Full Version

Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Over fifty single player levels including Adventure and Classic Arcade modes. 3D grids and over ten battle modes including Pacifism, King and Claustrophobia. Four distinct companion drones such as Attack, Collector, Ram and Snipe. Co-op and Online Competitive Multiplayer modes.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1098
Genre Action, Shooter, Static, Shoot-'Em-Up, Top-Down
Company / Developer
Sierra Games / Lucid Games
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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions reviews ( 4 )

thebushytail, Nov 28, 2014

Summary: A must buy for those who like arcade shooters, twitch gameplay, and/or eyegasmic graphics. + Gameplay, graphics and sounds are as good as they've ever been in the series + New 'Adventure' mode introduces ship customization and offers greater longevity + Every time I unlock a new level in 'Adventure', its a mind bending trip with several exclaimed "HOLY SH!T" + Modes from GW:RE2 are included under 'Classics' + Steam integration seems to work fine - In general I cannot get the game to run smoothly; for now I've forced it to Window - No Border which plays ok. - 120/144 Hz and FPS is not working for everyone; my game is capped at 60FPS despite trying NVIDIA options that others claim will provide higher FPS - Sequence mode from GW:RE2 is missing, the only mode not ported (unless its a game unlock I've yet to achieve) - No option to rebind the controller buttons, even though there are only two buttons on the gamepad. GM:RE2 allowed button mapping so one could assign the special/bomb buttons to the bumpers instead of the triggers with the bumpers providing a quicker activation due to less travel in the press - Black hole animation is not eyegasmic compared to GW or GW:RE2 // I have not yet had the opportunity to play the game online or local co-op and I'm only half way through Adventure mode

xDaudex, May 25, 2015

Pros- Well designed game Tons of levels Leaderboards for every level Cons- Not enough multiplayer levels Music is not quite as good as the first two Amount of content can be overwhelming

anggadaz, Oct 26, 2015

The game rule is newer, but the game control is difficult to use for newbie adaptibility. When i play the game, the game track 3d is little bit confusing.

ChoicestGames, Oct 7, 2017

I'm going to buck the trend here, go with my gut and give the game a 6/10. It's not a bad game and probably one of the better games out there for those who like twin stick shooters or shmups in general; it also has appealing graphics, a catchy soundtrack and supports couch co-op on the Steam Link. But, if like me you're not really into these sorts of games, Geometry Wars 3 isn't going to change your mind thanks to a steep difficulty curve and lack of modes suitable for shmup-n00bs.