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Ghost 1.0 A mysterious agent, capable of becoming a digital ghost, sneaks aboard the Nakamura Space Station. This is where the fun begins: the station is well-protected with its heavy defences, never-ending arsenal of weapons, and mysterious artifacts. It will all have to be destroyed.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1267
Genre Action Adventure
Company / Developer
@unepic_fran / @unepic_fran

Ghost 1.0 reviews ( 3 )

Veracius, Jul 5, 2016

Hands down the best Metroidvania game you can get, with emphasis on the Metroid playstyle. If you miss a good Metroid-like game this is your game, if not, then it's still an excellent game and worth a shot.

worrow, Mar 31, 2017

The game is pretty fun itself. How about some other ghost other than protagonist herself? Of course, could be better if more boss fights, and more places to visit:)

nop, Apr 15, 2017

Less ambitious but much more polished than Unepic from the same author. I did not like it very much, though it is a good quality indie game. Plot/dialogue is underwhelming, and the plot tasks are very repetitive. Most of the game's actual gameplay is about collecting/applying many items of the same type and surviving security alarms while locked in a room, that become progressively harder, when triggered repeatedly. And puzzles that can become very frustrating because they require too much precision at times. There are some issues with controls too..