Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime Crack Plus Activation Code

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime Sanctum of Slime is a top-down action adventure following the star of 2009's Ghostbusters revamp.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 45 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1375
Genre Action Adventure, Modern, Sci-Fi, General
Company / Developer
Atari , Sony Interactive Studios America , Atari SA / Behavior Studios
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Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime reviews ( 4 )

Someone2345, Mar 25, 2011

Please note this review is based on first impressions, I have only played seventy-four minutes worth according to Steam. When I finish I will re-review. Okay, watch out people this is old school video arcade gaming. Yes there is button mashing, but you have to mash the correct buttons AND point the joysticks in the correct directions - I fear these skills might be lacking in the youth of today. A word of warning, for enjoyment this game needs to be played with a dual stick controller. Preferably four xbox controllers, all plugged into your PC/Xbox, which itself needs to be hooked to your big telly. The game plays as an interactive action comic book. They have managed to set the correct atmosphere for a Ghostbusters game; not easy considering that you and your three friends (or 3 AI characters if you have none) take on the role of a bunch of ghostbusting rookies. The original four legends do have their cameo appearances that aid the game's plot but so far I have only seen the guys in grey during the first comic book section (the introduction). The four new characters are likable enough, presumably these are suppose to be four wise cracking young New Yorkers who have just seemingly stumbled their way into Ghostbusting. In the first level the question is asked 'so how did you get into this gig?'. The answers returned are 'Supernatural studies', 'Quantum physics' and 'through a magazine advert'. The sound track is definitely suitably for the franchise; ominous crescendos, sinister shrieks and evil laughter keep you alert throughout the game (well, at least in the first few levels that I have played). The art assets appear to have been shamelessly taken straight from Ghostbusters: The video game - this is not a bad thing. It adds familiarly and continuity to a game that plays very different to its predecessor. If you like Ghostbuster, go play Ghostbusters:The Video Game first. Ah yes, the actual gameplay. Simplistic? Definitely... but in a good way. You are brought back to days when video games were played with joysticks and only had 2 'fire' buttons if you were lucky. These games were fun back then and can still be fun on emulators today. They are fun because they have been created with care and are simple yet challenging. All signs point to Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime following in this grand tradition. As I said, I am only an hour into the game... and my current hope is that the story will keep up the current quality and pace, the game won't suddenly lose the atmosphere it has managed to build, and that the difficulty level starts increasing exponentially. I want a challenge, and if a game that deserves the title Ghostbusters can deliver this, even better! My ideal scenario - I have to call up my mates and invite them round to help finish the game. We can order pizza, drink mountain dew and keep playing until our eyes bleed in an effort to beat the game. I can't say if this will be the case - but heck, this is passable as Ghostbusters and it only cost 6GBP.

tingle, Apr 3, 2011

So I bought this purely out of nostalgia and hopes it would be as awesome as the Ghostbusters game from a year or so back. Think of it as Ikaruga meets Call of Duty Dead Ops but with a fun license. Keep in mind I hated those games. There is one achievement I can not get that is finish a level with 3 people. EVERYONE quites halfway through the levels. the AI that replaces them is suicidally retarded and it becomes an escort mission of sorts. It's based on a pretty crappy comic that is like a crappy version of Extreme Ghostbusters. You go through the same levels over and over again before facing all the bosses in one level and end it all fighting Demuzid /Tammuz the bull of heaven from Sumerian Mythology (called Dumazu for parody purposes) This is not a spoiler they tell you that at the beginning of the game. Then they have a "shocking" secret halfway through that isn't even shocking and has to do with characters no one cares about and has only known since level 1 anyway. It's nearly unrecomendable to anyone but hardcore Ghostbuster fans and even we will beat it and call it good and regret wasting our Microsoft points on this crap.Do not waste your time on this cheesy cash in of a twin stick shooter.

CirialKilr, Mar 23, 2011

Stay away from this one guys. I am a Ghostbusters freak, and loved the previous game, but this is just an awful mess. First, you can't play multiplayer online, you have to play local on the PC, getting 3 other people huddled around a computer is not the best playing environment. The game is the same all the way through, and it's not much of a challenge, getting boring quickly. At even a small price of $10 i expected way more. The Ghostbusters look terrible in the "comic cut scenes" and are almost unrecognizable. I wish I could get my money back on this one, at the very least I can say I own it, making my Ghostbuster game collection complete.

genetix, Mar 30, 2011

If you have any respect to the 'ghostbusters'-Franchise skip this clean up to any platform other than your cellphone.The most horrible ghostbusters experience EVER. Being fan of the movies and well even kind of the first 'The Video Game' was pretty decent for storyline (can't say same for the technical side). Giving 1 'star' since it didn't crash on start-up and uninstaller worked.