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G.I. Combat A continuous real time strategy game engulfing the player in the dynamic conflicts of the Second World War. The full three-dimensional environment provides unsurpassed detail for terrain, armour penetration, vehichle movement and weapons fire. Immerse yourself in the struggle to hold back enemy offensives, capture vital crossroads, or lead an elite squad to capture key strategic targets. [Strategy First Inc.]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 40 / 100
User rating
Downloads 903
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Wargame, General
Players 1-2
Company / Developer
Strategy First / Freedom Games

G.I. Combat reviews ( 2 )

TheQuietGamer, Jul 18, 2011

This is one of the worst games I've ever played, it has awful graphics, and a terrible camera which makes it almost impossible to see anything that's going on, and you don't really get to control anything that happens, giving your men commands is more like giving them suggestions as the A.I. will almost always take over and get itself killed, seriously this is some of, if not the worst A.I. in video game history, you actually have to tell them to shoot back at the enemies which again is more like a suggestion, and they NEVER use cover! there is actually no tutorial, and your men move at a snail pace, and you can never make a decent strategy because enemies are invisible until you are right on top of them, I personally couldn't stand this game, but if you are a strategy game fanatic willing to overlook these flaws, you may enjoy this, and it has a lot of missions and some multiplayer, but others should avoid at all costs.

PurelyPolitical, Feb 7, 2003

The game is really horrible. The graphics are 3D, but not fantastic, and you have almost no control of what goes on. I bought this game for 45 dollars because it was made by the same people ase Close Combat, but it doesnt' even come CLOSE to measuring up. Wait till it's in the bargain bin, if you're going to waste any money at all.