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Gigantic Gigantic is a fast and fluid Strategic Hero Shooter, where you battle against and alongside massive Guardians, in deeply strategic team gameplay. Think fast, be bold, Go Gigantic!

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1415
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, MOBA
Company / Developer
Motiga / Motiga

Gigantic reviews ( 5 )

alejandra09, Apr 16, 2018

Motiga have created a fast paced and intense game that MOBA and shooter fans will both be able to sink their teeth into. An Incredible art style mixed with fantastic hero designs makes Gigantic stand out from the crowd and offers limitless possibilities.

SYWNK, Jul 23, 2017

GIGANTIC is the best MOBA-like game I have played. I have played so many MOBA's and not one was able to even grab my attention except GIGANTIC. I could praise it for almost every element of the game. Saying that though, my opinion of the game is also would be quite subjective as I am quite new to the MOBA genre. I understand the negative criticisms, the game is very simplistic and "flashy" but these complaints don't really affect my experience.

outch, Sep 3, 2017

wow, this game is really cool, gorgeous and well animated, really intense and nervous. It has good mechanics and lot of skill. Playing it since open beta and still today. 10/10 would recommend (soz for bad English)

BillyPainter, Sep 9, 2017

It is a fast and super-fun game that combines beautiful graphics, very insteresting heroes, moba-rpg skill mechanics and great 3rd person fps gameplay. The heroes are very balanced and every role is played the way you wanted to be.

Old_Huntress, Jul 22, 2017

Has potential, but it's currently overshadowed by the problems it has. The graphics are too flashy to the point of having a problem reading what's happening on the screen. Matches are drawn out. Matchmaking looks like it just throws 10 available people together without taking their skill into consideration (I'd say 10-20% of matches are fair, rest of the time you're either stomping or being stomped). Needs more maps. Bad balance. Combat feels overall good, but it's bit too hectic (mostly because of visual over-saturation) . Hopefully, they'll fix most of these things, but right now it' a "no".