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Gish Gish isn't your average hero, in fact he's not your average anything.. see Gish is a ball of tar. A Sunday stroll with his lady friend Brea goes awry when a shadowy figure emerges from an open man hole and pulls Brea into the ground below. Following Brea's calls for help Gish suddenly finds himself in the subterranean sewers of Dross, a long forgotten city filled with twisting corridors, evil traps and some of the most demented creatures imaginable. With his gelatinous structure as his only means of defense Gish must follow the echoing cries of his damsel in distress deep into the earth bellow. What freakish creatures dwell in this subterranean land? Who is Brea's captor? And just how far down does the rabbit hole go? Life isn't easy when you're a 12 pound ball of tar... [Chronic Logic]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1441
Genre Action, Platformer, 2D
Players 1-2
Company / Developer
GarageGames / Chronic Logic
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Gish reviews ( 6 )

RockyA.s, Mar 6, 2008

Innovative, fun, addictive, and somewhat disturbing. Gish is one of the most innovative platform games I ever played. Its not just like any Super Mario games or Megaman games. This game have a new twist on platform games, were you must use you body "Properties" to finish the scenario. Gish is a blob of tar that can stick on walls, slide through small spaces, increase his density to dive in water, and use his elasticity to jump higher. This game is Highly recommended for all those who like 2d platform games.

SomebodySpecial, Oct 7, 2007

This game is really remarkable. Firstly, I've never even considered the possibility of having a blob of liquid as the playable character. Secondly, applying rag doll physics to that blob along with the rest of the world is equally impressive. The game is very inventive, makes you think a little, is very challenging at times, has great music and has a spooky haloweenie sort of atmosphere that I really enjoy! If you're looking for a game that is a little out of the ordinary, this is it. I guarantee you've never played a game like this before!

ElijahY., Jan 11, 2008

Innovative gameplay, creative character design and fun puzzle. But I would appreciate if the level can be more bright and colorful, but I understand that is somewhat restricted by the gameworld design (underground sewage...).

keefbaker, Nov 13, 2013

Interesting original, quite fun at times but I'm not 100% sure it actually works, The idea of being able to change what the tar is made of and thus how it reacts with its surroundings is great but it doesn't feel dynamic and quick enough so there doesn't ever feel like a "wow" moment.

GolovA, Mar 12, 2017

It's not finished. Good idea, nice graphics, half baked. Controls are in need of dire streamlining. And here - metacritic makes me continue to type, even though i have nothing more to contribute.

rasLivity, Jun 25, 2013

11/11 achievements broken, f*cking nerve-wrecking gameplay, that all from me. but i have to write something more, so ......................go da hell gish