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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 64 / 100
User rating
Downloads 8283
Genre Adventure, Simulation, General
Company / Developer
Coffee Stain Studios / Coffee Stain Studios
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Goat Simulator reviews ( 7 )

RangerRivet, Apr 13, 2014

The problem with this game is... nothing. Everyone whining that it's not funny - well you don't get the sense of humor the game presents. Saying it's only worth 10 minutes, well you haven't explored everything. I see plenty of youtubers play for 30+ minutes, and at the end of that they're still having a great laugh. You don't need to be so uptight and butthurt about a video game because it doesn't have cutting edge graphics or teeth-gritting action. IT'S A GOAT SIMULATOR, WHAT DID YOU EXPECT PEOPLE?

Fetacritic, Apr 2, 2014

I always wanted to be a goat that can pull cars around with its tongue. I hope there will be a patch that adds Oculus Rift support and first person view in the future!

Commodent, Apr 1, 2014

This game has truly given me a deeper perspective of life. It has it all, a magnificent story that speaks straight to your heart, stunning voice acting (baaaa), and a wide room for exploration.

metacritic222, Apr 3, 2014

This game is gangnam style of gaming history, absurd and funny for the first time you play, it gives you fun maybe for a few hours but don't expect anything more.

darkcola, Sep 22, 2014

Ok, this is probably one of the toughest reviews I have had to consider... Have you ever played a game that is made 100x's funnier because it's full of bugs that are left in and never removed? Welcome to my life... Goat Simulator (GS) is a niche game. You must like niches in all their forms and glory to appreciate this game. You must also not consider the value of money and like to spend hours modding things that earn you no glory except being able to text your one friend with a **** grin saying, 'look! look what you can do NOW! isn't it awesome, it's shiny!' Anyways, to point: This is a small developer project that leaves the player with the impression that after five minutes of playing, you have really played and paid for five minutes of content too. There just isn't that much to do. There is an arcade style of bonuses for very limited activities- such as ooohh boffo! destroy stuff in under a minute! Do a handstand! Do a barrel roll! When in comparison the complexity really arises, and also the enjoyment, in the form of self-appointed goals that the game will never recognize as an achievement. Such as: let's set someone on fire, grab him, drag him to someplace high and see if you can then toss him far enough to light the gas station on fire, blow it up and destroy a passing truck. Can you do that? then pioneer the exhibition by posting that video on youtube, because, well really, NO ONE has done that before, right??? In fact, do that while twitch-ing yourself making fake surprised expressions that no one believes wasn't practiced by you sitting in front of a mirror making faces like you were a Disney Animator. The strong point of this game is where the developers stop: the user crafted content. Because unless you find new ways to open end crack this very tiny open world environment, you are looking at the deathmatch version of Grand Theft Auto 4 where no one has ever finished the game, because we never got past the joy of driving over peoples feet, getting 5 star warrants and running into the Emergency room with a rocket launcher yelling "allahu akbar." So, really, how do you rate a game like this? If you love indie work, love to mod, and love parabolic motions of goats with a neck that does weird things with collision boxes, this game is a 10. But if you feel the cost of a tiny game with a premise that doesn't grow beyond 2 minutes of chuckles, you don't program and you like Stanley Parable rewards for linear gameplay, then this is a 2. So I picked 6, because 10 is more than 2.

Paddington, Apr 3, 2014

After the massive amount of hype surrounding the game, I felt pumped up to lay back and giggle for hours. I was also one of the first people to buy the game on Steam so I was expecting big things. That is not what I got. A minute into the game I knew something was wrong. I wasn't enjoying myself in the slightest. Not once did I ever laugh, but there were a few moments that were a bit entertaining. However they did it, Coffee Stain managed to make a game intended as a joke really popular and look amazing, but the whole thing backfired when people realise that's what it really is - nothing more than a dumb joke that's entertaining for less than an hour, not to mention it's ridiculous asking price. As many others have said, this kind of game is somehow brainwashing the community and destroying the industry, and yet this kind of trash continues to be littered all over our beloved PC platform and community. There needs to be a big push for indie developers to put actual meaning and heart back into their games. If that means that each indie game has to be a long, meaningful and completely original, similar to something like FEZ, so be it. Ultimately, Goat Simulator is nothing more than 2 minutes of mild fun for each of the small amount of things you can do in the game, and from there it just becomes a dull achievement-hunter. This is achievement simulator, not the quirky Goat Simulator we were all expecting. Do not waste your time and precious money and make the mistake that me and so many others did by buying it.

BariscanBozkurt, Nov 19, 2015

E??lendirici de??il, ama?�s?�z, sa?�ma sapan mekanikler. ?�nsanlar bu oyuna nas?�l g??l??yor anlam?�yorum. Oyun bug dolup ta???�yor, o buglardan da komik bir ??eyler ortayaca ?�?�k?�yor. Kayma???�n?� yap?�mc?�lar yiyor. Normalde ba??ar?�lar dilerdim ama bugsuz bir oyun yapmalar?� onlar?�n sonu olur.