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God Eater 3 Set in a post-apocalyptic world, it’s up to your special team of God Eaters to destroy god-like monsters devastating the world. With an epic story, unique characters, and all new God Arcs and Aragami, the latest evolution in ACTION is here.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 108
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Players Up to 8
Company / Developer
Bandai Namco Games / Bandai Namco Games, Marvelous First Studio
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God Eater 3 reviews ( 5 )

Ruvgowei, Jun 22, 2020

Oh, dont mind me.Im just here to push against the unjustified negative Reviews. Its really not a perfect game, it really isnt. But its no bad one either. Let me tell you why i think so:Mist od the arguments where like "duh, player code Vein and this game is bad in comparision!" Or by far my favorite ""The storytelling is bad". First of all: saying a game is bad because ist Inline another is a bad Argument from the Start. Games have to be different, otherwise all of us Would be playing the exact same game.second, if you played ans God Eater game vor the story, im sorry, what are you young? God Eater never even pretended to be a story based game! Its supposed to be a grinding based game with focus on gameplay, which is well executed. Its just that controls or gameplay like this might Not be dir everyone, but that doesnt change the fact its done well. So please @everyone: dont down rate a game dir stupide reasons And dont rate on base of

greatyoubrokeit, Sep 10, 2019

I played GE2 Rage Burst again for a couple of weeks before getting this game. Everything has been vastly improved. The pacing was my biggest gripe with previous titles in the series, but it seems to have been overhauled. Where missions used to take an average of 10 minutes, they now take 3 to 5 minutes (A huge difference after playing a hundred missions.) If you like MH games then this is a no brainer.

Pigmachine, Feb 14, 2019

A few steps in the right direction.. But how can they keep the controller settings and inventory management so annoying?! 'Hardcode' one button for run/change melee and ranged?! And release that on PC?! The Good: It looks quite better than the earlier GE games The Bad: The maps and GFX overall isn't on par with 2019..or actually anything, even if it look quite OK The Good: You're entering a post-apocalyptic anime story, as a protagonist that could just as well be your grandchild, to slay monsters with oversized weaponry. again and again. The Bad: Your grandchild is so androgynous, that you don't know what to it is, and don't dare to ask, and you deleted the anime after the 3rd episode, since the story just were ..there, and you had some monsters to slay in style. The Good: It's a coop (mainly solo, but coop is more fun) hack 'n slack, insane learning curve due to the odd controls, but a lower one for the monsters patterns. The Bad: People compare it to MHW.. A game I never had seen or heard of it until GE2RB were released for PC, At the release of GE2RB for PC I scrolled past it.. and even put an ignore on it, since I'm to old for something that looks like that .. but I were wrong. The Good: It will get more added content for free at least until the summer. The Bad: The early spring update should've been included at launch, as that covers what people complain about. Overall a really fun game, and can be a blast in coop.. with friends. The assault missions with a random team, to even be able to get a few blueprints and 90% of the engage units are only available from there?!? it's e genre I've not played much. I'm no real fan of it. I like the anime-cliché settings and they almost make a big effort not making the story a big effort, just sufficient to drive the plot.. I mean Keep hunting.. and grinding and grinding. I didn't know I secretly liked grinding this much.

nightstroller, May6, 2020

This is my first experience with the God Eater series. I recently played through Code Vein and loved it, so when I saw God Eater 3 on sale, I thought I would enjoy it the same. However, the while the games might look a bit similar on the surface, God Eater 3 is the lesser of the two in my opinion. It has good things going for it, like the variety of weapon types and appearance/clothing options. The bad though is quite apparent. Though these are just my personal qualms with the game, I don't like the fact that while it does have a story/narrative, the way it is structured makes the pacing of the game from the start feel clumsy. It puts the player through a series of tutorial mini quests that also try to narrate and give background information, but it was choppy and too much all at once. I would have preferred there to be a separate tutorial stage dedicated to acclimating the player to the games controls and systems before tying to tell the story. Also, because of this the beginning feels rushed and the opportunity to build the character's story felt like a lost opportunity to me. Another big gripe I have with the story and the writing is the lack of agency the player character has. Granted, in Code Vein, the player also doesn't have free reign to do whatever as they are guided by various characters and plot points, but, with God Eater 3, I found myself disengaged from the story because I was being dragged along by Hugo. At one point, the game prompts you with a choice regarding helping Hugo and his goal/vision, but all the choices result in you helping him no matter what. Where's the agency in that, why ask the player at all if you were just going to force us along anyways?? Story - 4 Lore - 6 Character Creation - 8 Looting/equipment finding - 7 Questing/variety - 5 Combat - 7 Music/soundtrack - 8 Visuals - 7

Lefi, Feb 15, 2019

Boring gameplay on repetitive maps, boring soulless dialogues between missions. Even a pleasant drawing and the presence of a less than adequate plot do not greatly save from boredom.