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God Mode God Mode is a humorous co-op third person shooter with non-linear gameplay, fast and frantic shooting, hordes of on-screen enemies, and stunning visuals.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 60 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2194
Genre Action, Shooter, Third-Person, Fantasy, Arcade
Players 1-4
Company / Developer
Atlus / Old School Games

God Mode reviews ( 7 )

Dovers, Apr 19, 2013

This game is a whole lot of fun if you got a few pals to gang up with. I was skeptical when I bought it, but after the first round, I was hooked... And that's saying a lot since I'm not usually the shooter kind of gal. I don't think you could spend your $10 better anywhere else!

ArminVanBuuren, May 13, 2013

Great mindless killing fun. Very much worth the price. The different test of faiths keep it varied and interesting. Would be nice if you could customize your avatars appearance more though.

luisfg99, Apr 26, 2013

It's perfect to one third person game, the graphics are not surprising however are not bad. The gameplay is not bad however could be better. The game is cool for co-op, the abilities that can be shared with friends, and upgrades.

Syzygy, Apr 20, 2013

For $10 you certainly get your moneys worth. God Mode is a 4 person co-operative shooter made by a new developer, published by Atlus. Yes, THAT Atlus. The one who's product line consists purely of games that are BALLS HARD. Don't fret, though, the difficulty is rarely, if ever, cheap. The gameplay itself straddles the line between co-operative third person shooter and competitive third person shooter. Kill XP and gold are not shared between players, which pushes everyone to one-up eachother, yet enemies will flood the arenas making it nigh impossible for a single player to survive by themselves (Note: Single player is an exercise in frustration) Core gameplay consists of picking between one of five maps (three of which end in boss fights) Players move from one (gorgeous) arena to another mowing down hordes of undead roman/greek creatures. A unique feature of these arenas are the "Tests of Faith", basically each arena alters the rules slightly to modify the experience, e.g. one arena might give you the "Armored" test of faith which causes all damage to be shared between players, another will swap your current weapon out for a random one every 10 seconds (even if you haven't unlocked the weapon yet), or one that reduces everyones maximum health by half but gives everyone health regeneration. Sometimes you get completely silly ones like "Party" which gives all enemies party hats! The game includes a sizable portion of unlockables, giving it more than 10 USD worth of longevity. In game you earn XP and Gold, which are used to unlock new weapons, weapon upgrades and clothes respectively. If the game isn't challenging you enough, you can choose to activate "Oaths", which make the game harder in exchange for increased gold and XP gain (The higher level you are, the more you'll be needing to use Oaths if you want to see any significant progress towards advancement) An example of the oaths are "The Thief", which makes it so you do not have armor in game and cannot pick up armor, but you get a 15% increase to XP and 20% increase to gold, or the "Warrior" oath, which makes it so your Special Ability cannot be used for similar XP and gold gain increments. While that all may sound fine and dandy, this game DOES have some issues. If you do not have a very good connection expect to see other players lagging (NPC lag compensation works well enough though) Another issue, and perhaps my BIGGEST grievance, is that voice chat is ALWAYS enabled with no option to turn it off, either for you or any of the other player. You can disable your mic through your hardware settings, but nobody should have to do that. The final issue I have with the game is that it has a rather weak start. The two weapons and one special ability you start off with are nigh useless (The SMG has RIDICULOUS spread making hitting anything outside of point blank an exercise in futlity, the shotgun has too TIGHT a spread and reloads like a snail riding a turtle, and the Shield ability doesn't even do what it's namesake says) Fortunately, you can upgrade the SMG and Shotgun into uberweapons once you finish a few matches. Other than those three grievances, I would highly recommend this game to anyone who likes "Horde Mode" shooters with cooperative and competitive elements. For only $10, you get more than your moneys worth!

kuehnau, Apr 22, 2013

An arena based 3rd person shooter, player's take on the role of lost souls in the depths of the after life, fighting for the freedom of their spirits. Each stage players take on swarms of undead monsters as they fight for their after life. You'll collect XP and gold in order to upgrade your character. The game looks good and has native Xbox 360 controller out of the box. I feel it has limited game play, but even then it's hard to argue at the $10.00 USD price point.

TylerDurden85, Apr 27, 2013

Good game for the price, but many bugs (some game-breaking) and lack of content hold this back. As of now I'd give it a 6, if they fix the bugs and add a little more content (some more cosmetic upgrades and another weapon or two), and add dedicated servers and/or better matchmaking (right now it's only random quickmatch...acceptable for a console, but definitely not for a PC game) I'd give it a 7. Pros: Great graphics for a budget title, fun and fast paced horde-mode gameplay (waves of enemies coming at you), great game to play with 4 players Cons: BUGS!!!!, poor matchmaking system severely limiting replayability, lack of content

DrIron, Apr 25, 2013

Boring, bland, poorly made multi-player only third person shooter. You and three other crappily designed characters wander around a small area that looks like it belongs more in one of Painkiller's many shovelware standalone expansions. You stand in place mostly, waiting for the same few enemies to pop up to be killed, then you get to move on and do the same. This isn't a $10 game. There's about 40 minutes worth of content and a surprisingly long list of bugs compared to that small amount of content. Overall I'd say asking anything more than $2.50 is ridiculous.