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Gods and Generals The action and drama of the American Civil War comes to life in this new game from the creators of "Gods & Generals." The outcome of the war that divided a nation, split families and changed the course of history is now up to you! You're a Company Commander on the front line of the bloodiest battle ever fought. Crucial decisions will impact the lives of thousands of men, so make sure your battle plan is airtight! Musty, death-filled air surrounds you at Bull Run or... feel the bitter cold of Fredricksburg as Gods and Generals puts you in actual battlefield settings as you fight to "Preserve the Union" or "Save the Confederacy"! [Activision Value]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 21 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1890
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Historic, Arcade
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Activision Value / Anivision
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Gods and Generals reviews ( 5 )

TheLastofMe, Jul 29, 2017

I love being a god and giving orders to my generals to go into the battlefield and kill all those peasants asunder. With a sword in my hand and a pistol in another, I will tear through the blooshed and kill all my enemies or die trying. I will activate my eagle eye vision to see the value and prospects of victory, and i won't accept defeat as an answer.

Aziflow, Jun 11, 2012

1)Gameplay 5/52)Music 5/53)Graphic 5/54)AI 5/5The best game which I played over the last 5 years, very dynamic and very fascinating game with a bewitching plot, with excellent graphics and music which transfers all events of these years, and very much reminds Max payne 3

cursedlock, Jun 11, 2012

This game shocked me with its gorgeous interface. He's great! When I played this wonderful game, I got an irresistible pleasure. Games like max Payne 3 can not be compared to this awesome game. My opinion is 10/10. This game should be on top.

Razorbacks, Oct 2, 2006

It was a good idea, but bad graphics, and I kinda doubt a lone soldier can take out a whole army, and the graphics, they're just bad, the History Channel is making a Civil War game for the Xbox 360, I think its an FPS, but I'm not sure

Guydespise, Jun 3, 2004

I was asking myself is it my computer that is so low in graphics ? and later: did i understand anything about how those stupid bot should move ? and then: why can't i put a baionnette ? then i came here, and i painfully regret to have wasted a cd for this bullsh.t.