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Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising is a massively multi-player game designed by Stieg Hedlund, the lead designer of "Diablo II." Players become classic heroes of the ancient world, born of immortal blood. As a scion of the gods, each player will have the opportunity to pursue his destiny through a series of Epic Quests that will span all levels of gameplay, over time commanding amazing God Powers and acquiring famous weapons and treasure of myth. The game is set in Rome around 300 BC, a time when the Republic is powerful, but Roman enemies including the Carthaginians, Gauls, and Samnites threaten the fledgling imperial holdings. Worse, the land is beset by terrible creatures, such as Gorgons, Cyclopes, and Furies. As heroes of Rome, players will take on missions to expand and protect the Republic, her interests, and her citizens, and will serve one of the twelve great Roman gods. Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising will implement the most interactive, dynamic, strategic and engaging combat system of any MMG -- challenging players before battle as well as during battle. Players will strategically select and train their NPC Soldiers in a variety of skills and abilities to form individual squads that meet specific challenges, and devise strategies and create formations for these squads to execute on command -- maximizing the unique skills and abilities of each individual squad. [Perpetual Entertainment]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 52 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1457
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer Online, Massively Multiplayer, Fantasy
Players Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
SouthPeak Games / Heatwave Interactive

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising reviews ( 7 )

Justiful, Jun 22, 2011

I will keep this short and too the point. The game is good, and creative. I think anyone could enjoy it out of the box, however I do not know what max level will bring yet. For the price it is keeping me entertained, more than your average game. The one down side is it seems to be a *ninja* great game. No one knows how good it is because no one is playing it. I am, and I must say I am impressed with the gameplay I LOVE it, but the graphics, and audio need some work. Hence can't give it a 10, older graphics on a new game. But it is fun enough I don't care.

erikmack, Jul 18, 2011

The game fits its niche well. I feel like the foundation is all there (solid gameplay), and the extra polish and content (presumably in the works) will make it a really great value in this space.

Hanseshadow, Jun 27, 2011

I'm surprised that folks think this game doesn't have enough content. It has thousands quests to do at launch, plenty of zones, instances, abilities, skill trees, and a nice long character progression time (if you solve this game in 24 hours, you're insane or just know the game extremely well). I give it an 8, due to graphics issues and sporadic bugs, which most likely will be fixed over its lifetime (there are many less graphics issues than in beta).

gitchy, Jul 18, 2011

Game has an authentic feel to it. Heatwave did a very good job of taking a game that is kind of old and enhancing the artwork and graphics. Their work on the Estates is particularly appealing. I'm learning to control the minions but I also think that is a neat part of the game. The price is a little high considering some of the bugs, but I'm comfortable that all that will get fixed. I like the way the game is layed out and the different locations within the game. I look forward to waking up every day to see what new things Heatwave has added to the game. Looking forward to gettting to the next levels and the additional content forecasted for the game.

Klang, Jul 18, 2011

So I've been playing this game for a week now and I have to say it's been cool to play with my friends in a space that's not a rip off of WOW...it does have it's flaws...but over all it's a nice change of pace...I've only been playing PC games for a year now so I'm new to the space but from what I've seen so far this is pretty cool.

Daematune, Jul 24, 2011

This game would have been amazing if were to be released 3 or 4 years ago, it has a very unique feel and great gameplay. At the state it's in now you really can't expect half as much.. If enjoy games with many crashes, bugs and memory leaks this game is topped with it. It's worth the money if you want to try something new, nothing else.

GamingGoodness, Jul 18, 2011

There's a thread on the GnH forum speculating on the recent addition of so many (unexpected) favorable user reviews, and coming shortly after the company announced "aggressive new measures" designed to attract new users. Looks like it was Heatwave Employee day on Metacritic. Sorry, but desparate measures don't revive a failed launch. These are NOT the droids you're looking for. Fini.