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Gone Home The eldest daughter of the Greenbriar family returns after a year abroad. She expects her parents and sister to greet her. Instead she finds only a deserted house, filled with secrets. Where is everyone? And what's happened here? Find out for yourself in Gone Home, a first-person game entirely about exploration, mystery and discovery. The house is yours to explore as you see fit. Open any drawer or door to investigate what's inside. Piece together the mysteries from notes and clues woven into the house itself. Discover the story of a year in the life of the Greenbriar family. Dig deeper. Go home again.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 88 / 100
User rating
Downloads 17559
Genre First-Person, Adventure, Sci-Fi, 3D
Company / Developer
The Fullbright Company / The Fullbright Company
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Gone Home reviews ( 7 )

ALgendaryKiwi, Aug 16, 2013

I don't usually give games a 10. In fact, there are only 2 other games that I would consider to be perfect 10s: the original portal and pacman ce dx. Those aren't necessarily the best games I've played, but they are the most perfect, if that makes sense. And that is a word that I would use to describe Gone Home: perfect. It is a game purely comprised of exploration and discovery, with virtually no other gameplay components with the exception of some very simplistic puzzles. And yet, Gone Home manages to make seemingly mundane exploration into some of the most engaging and emotional storytelling I have ever seen. Gone Home will be remembered for its brilliant design and execution, but also as a game that bravely led the charge in addressing contemporary social issues that have not as of yet found much representation in the medium. This game is not for everyone. If all you play are shooters and fast paced action games, then Gone Home will bore you. However, if you like slower games or games with interesting ways of telling stories, such as Journey, Heavy Rain, Dear Esther, or even mods like The Stanley Parable, than Gone home is certain to grab you and not let go for its 3 hour duration.

DynamiteStPetes, Jan 5, 2014

Gone home is a game with simple mechanics, but an incredibly deep and engaging story. Gone Home does a masterful job of detailing it's characters. Through notes and well placed objects, each character's personality and story absolutely come to life through the course of the game. The house is almost a supporting character in itself whose rooms are very delicately crafted and add very observable details to the main characters of our story, and might even hold some secrets of it's own. A strong mysterious mood is crafted through the storm outside and the very warm soundtrack underneath. The lone voice actor is magnificent and delivers a very believable performance. Don't let the spooky atmosphere or light game mechanics deter you though, what lies deep within Gone Home are many story threads weaved into a beautifully delivered drama, you just have to do some digging and observing.

basilion, Jan 12, 2014

It tells a story and it tells it good. Reminded me a lot of the early 00's pc games. It's not a game for the xxx420noscope_progaimur1337 kind of gamer.

PizzaWizard, Aug 24, 2013

The best way to describe this is as a virtual easter egg hunt. Instead of easter eggs you find story fragments, you assemble them together in your head to paint a picture, like putting together pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Sure, you don't need every jigsaw puzzle piece in order to understand what the big picture is but some are more vital than others. What will determine how much you like this game is how much you like the stories. Two of the stories are delivered very well. You have to put the pieces together on your own which makes them very intriguing. The other story is the one the game dedicates itself to most. It is pretty heavy handed and is the most poorly delivered and the least interesting. This is where the game failed with me. If you are annoyed by teenage infatuation then this isn't for you. If you love the 90s and lifetime dramas then you'll be all over this. 6/10 for an interesting idea that could have communicated an interesting story but failed

siljeH, Jan 29, 2016

Katie returned home after a year in Europe. When she realize that the house is left empty. Neither her little sister, mother nor father is at home in the new house. As Katie wants you to find out what has happened and must lift and examine all kinds of things around the house. Perhaps there is a letter from the mother Greenbriar his job in a drawer, or half of a code to a cupboard under the pizza box. The entire plot of gone home takes place in the family Greenbriars home. They have recently moved in, and around the house are evidence of this. Halfway unpacked moving boxes and things that are positioned exactly where it should be located everywhere. The action was set to 1995. How things were at that time was old, I think then. Cassettes with recordings, Nintendo games and postcards with stamps are some of the things you will recognize. The house is like a time machine where you traveled back to the 90s. Not all the things I found had useful information.

theInsaneThief, Mar 4, 2015

i will give a two because the music wasn't so bad i guess. i sure love video games where you do nothing at all,not everything must be action-filled to hell and back,but i would have rather spend this money on a good book or movie.

ivarivarivar123, Oct 28, 2017

Game review of gone home Gone home is a first-person simulator experience. You are playing as the character Katie and you are finally home, but your family is not. You go through the game searching thoroughly for clues to where your family members have gone off to. The game is a well-made first-person experience. The game holds the standard of games that was when the game was released for windows I 2012, but the game doesn’t meet the top standards of the modern gaming industry. I think the graphic is generally well done, but you can find someplace that are sloppy made. None huge places or spots, but just so that the games graphics are a little under the good modern standard. The game starts off with you coming home from a trip. You must find a key to unlock the front door. Then you explore the house to find more about yourself and the other main and side characters. The main objective the game is to find facts about your family and where they have gone off to. I think the game captures the atmosphere of where the game is set, which is in 1995. The furniture and other decorations looks like the classic 1990. The Greenbriar household is a perfect remake of the atmosphere of 1995. I think the graphics are suitable for the setting the house provides. The sounds in the game are very well made to the atmosphere. Sometimes I think that the music and sound make you distracted from the main objective and makes you day dreaming. I would say that this is a good thing because it makes you more in depth in the game and it makes the game more immersive. The voice overs from Sam that you find when you explore the house is a good feature to the games atmosphere. The sound effects from the outside noises such as the rain and thunder are also well made and make you emerged in the gameplay. You are given great instructions and the game is easy to play. There are very little controls that you need to use to play the game. In general, I liked the game. I think it’s a great first-person simulation and walkthrough that make you emerged in a new time and atmosphere. I would recommend this game for the age 13-24 because the game is about paying attention and remembering things that you find in the game.