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Goodbye Deponia Goodbye Deponia is the final game in Daedalic Entertainment's adventure trilogy.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2545
Genre Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Daedalic Entertainment / Daedalic Entertainment
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Goodbye Deponia reviews ( 7 )

endre0916, Nov 13, 2013

Awesome game with hilarious jokes and scenes, great story and beautiful backgrounds. Few of the puzzles are a bit frustrating but I loved all of them. Thanks Daedalic Entertainment.

Bregevgen2, Oct 20, 2013

I... can't say what exactly i feel to third part. So let's find out. I catched myself on thought i almost didn't play quest games. So i decided to meet genre. Deponia intrested me by her marvelous graphic style. I played first part. For all adventure i had a feeling that something is wrong. Sometimes float unlogical decisions. sometimes it was getting boring, and almost for all playing time I couldn't get what the game want from me. I thought I will get the final and never remember it again... and it could catch me in the very end. Unexpected plot turn in the end was like a shock therapy. So I bought the dilogy in Steam and fast enough began to play the second part. This part was much better. Developers worked with game world, improved puzzles and did it more obvious, add many intresting characters which made them love, and show many emotional scenes which could make you do everytihing: fun, cry, live through and greedily play further to recognize: what next, what next?! I loved the game without the rest and very waiting for third part. And when I got almost nothing could bring me out from it, I played two days. Everything is fine in the game was cool fun from meeting old friends, unexpected turns of plot, intresting places, atmosphere music, and many humour white and black. I even didn't notice, how i bonded to Rufus. This character never boring, egoistic in the beginning of his way but changing for the all trilogy and becoming real hero and martyr in the end, like he said "How is it possible not to like me?!". And it's only increasing trategy in the end. The only person who really deserved the place on Elysium... Must die in the end?! First- i saw it somwhere else... Oh, common! You can see it EVERYWHERE in the films. And there it's can be accepted and you can live further like nothing happened, because it's a single story, you listen it for two hours and you don't bond to characters and story too hard. But videogames absolutely different. Because it's you personal story, and longer you get involved then deeper in you heart it falls. And I consider than hero in the end must be judged for his way, how he made trough it, how he changed himself on it. And i can say this Rufus just didn't deserve the death, even heroic. Why everyone think that story must end not logical way but somehow different to make the story unusual and rememberable (that is sarcasm)?! Daedelic, Why you don't think that fan want happy ending? Why do you kick the balls third time?! I'm sure, that i'm not the only one who think like this. And... I think i shouldn't be upset because of the fate of hero. I must thank for he existing and gifted us much happy hours. Thank you, Rufus. I suppouse you won't get in hell to fix junk presses. I beleive you fall on somebody poor who had much less luck.

ChameLi0N, Oct 20, 2013

Just awesome quest. Lovely characters and story. A lot of humor and even a bit of drama. And all this at the highest level of performance. Bravo, Daedalic Entertainment!

akarnokd, Oct 20, 2013

An adorable final episode with a few minor technical issues. The backdrop graphics is excellent, but the graphics of some new characters (e.g., the psychologist) have low quality. The music is great. I spent playing 25 hours, half of it just trying everything on everyone; not for the funny responses, but to get unstuck. Had to check the forums for some clues. The game suffers from the "use the tape on the cat" syndrome: twisted logic actions and denied straight paths. (For example, one task involved creating an imprint, but unless Rufus visited the psychologist before to name a similar imprint, the imprint just dissolved into a blob.) Despite the shortcomings, the series is a definite buy.

GolovA, Dec 27, 2016

Not hilarious but fun as the prequels. Good play time (i finished the game in just over 20 hours). Not hard, not too easy - pretty much a smooth ride all throughout, except for a couple tricky places. My main complain is the English sound - sound optimization for English version seemed to have missed the quality check entirely. Sound compression, balancing, equalizing are not well done, especially when it comes to Organon speaking. And when Organon starting singing their hymn for the first time - my eardrums, i'm afraid, were permanently damaged. Same issue plagued the first and second part, but Goodbye Deponia takes the cake. I wonder if the original German has similar issues. Overall, a good continuation of the series, well drawn locales, nicely written dialogue, joyful puzzles. RECOMMEND.

mugen_is_here, Nov 29, 2015

The third part is the worst of the series. I feel that this title can be skipped but I know that anyone who plays Chaos on Deponia will feel like playing another title. A warning to you - "this 3rd installment will ruin the entire series for you. If you still want to go for it then nothing's going to stop you". Things that I liked about the game: * Humor, puns, insults, jokes - basically the dialog for the 1st 50% of the game * The characters Rufus, Goal, Doc are likable. You can understand what they're doing. Things that I didn't like about this game: * The humor and dialog basically suck in the 2nd half of the game * There is a cloning puzzle which basically ruins the 2nd half of the game * The character Toni is annoying as F. * The villians don't have any character. They say one thing and do another. It's hard to distinguish them in the game and understand what exactly they are trying to achieve. It spoils the plot major in the second half. * The second half of the game has puzzles that are annoying as F. **** cryptic puzzles that you can't guess. You NEED a walkthrough for the second half of this game. * The controversial horrible ending - it ruined the memory of the entire series for me

ydoc16, Mar 23, 2014

Goodbye Deponia is well written in that it does make your emotionally involved with the plight of the characters in the story. There are some laughs here and there as well as some comical references pulled from many other games and TV shows and while it seems to be worth playing, I personally thought so too until the dramatic climax. I had flashbacks to the horrible ending of Mass effect trilogy it was the same thing all over again a Non-ending. One that leaves you with a disgust for the entire series after seeing it. It very quickly goes from something you liked to play and were fond of to a bitter memory that you shake your head and try to forget when it pops into your mind. Do your self a favor and don't play any of these three games you will just be disappointed at the end. Any way you look at how this thing ended they are all horrible. I believe the author of the story even deliberately gloated the fact at the end. Basically saying look I made this awesome story watch as I destroy it with a baseball bat. There was also several things in the story itself that made me cringe. #1 separating two love birds and forcing one of them into indentured servitude. #2 convincing kids to touch a pedophiles penis, and also doing it yourself. Then convincing woman to get the pedophiles penis tattooed on there arms. #3 killing baby dolphins and turning them into cat food for a puzzle. There were others but this is all I can point out without adding spoilers. Don't buy the game