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Gothic II Gothic II takes you on an even greater journey of adventure and discovery. The plot continues from the cliff-hanger of the original: After the imprisoned colony members are victorious, collapsing the magical barrier, the former Prison Colony is struck by a terrible earthquake, claiming the lives of many. The majority of survivors seize this opportunity to escape with only a handful of people remaining in the derelict prison.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 7363
Genre Role-Playing, PC-style RPG, Western-Style
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Atari , Atari SA / Piranha Bytes
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Gothic II reviews ( 6 )

Zuben7, Oct 27, 2017

miért nem játszik egyetlen barátom sem a Gothic sorozattal mostanában, és miért egy félsoros rendszerüzenetből kell ezt megtudnom?! és miért nekem kell elmondanom nektek, hogy miért kellene vele játszani? mi vagyok én, portás vagy házmester vagy marketinges? ez egy fantasztikus ... nyitott világban játszódó... nyitott világos fantasztikum! bonyodalmas de jól kivehető történetvezetés, könnyen kezelhető harcrendszer, élő világ, döntéseid ráhatással vannak ... és a történet végkifejletére is. a szerteágazó döntési lehetőségek miatti okból a többszöri végigjátszás baljós érzése lebeg a világ. minden. sötét. szegletében. erdők-mezők beleértve. akinek nem indul legalább egy végigjátszást nézzen a tecsőn. miért nem hallgat rám senki?! miért nem figyeltek!! hát nem értitek?! csak a javatokat akarom!!

Steve4500, Oct 17, 2017

Probably the only game I've replayed at least a dozen times over the years. Masterfully put together as the best and first RPG game I ever played. If this were ever remastered my life would be complete.

Alex2011, Dec 28, 2011

Strange thing is: This game had a user rating of about 8.8- 9.2 some months ago! If you look at the reviews you will notice that written reviews are almost all very positive. But there seem to be many people who dislike the game but didnt't tell us why. And believe me: these negative ratings were not there half a year ago. My personal conclusion is: THE RATING IS MANIPULATED by haters/ other developers etc... This makes me sad because Gothic and Gothic II are masterpieces of game experience and one of my favourite games of all time!

ayylmao420, Nov 17, 2017

Hands down one of the best RPGs ever made. The people who gave it a negative review are simply too casual for this game, since Gothic 2 is probably the most difficult RPG ever. Dark Souls is nothing compared to it

Chroma, May 30, 2012

Story:The story may seem simple but this is just the outline about how an island wrapped up in a desperate war, while dealing poverty and danger all around them. Learning about the people's lives and what is going on is the best part of the game. It wraps up nicely into fitting with story and not divorced from it. The story does a excellent job linking Gothic 1 and 3 together with everything making more sense.Game play:Game play is an open world third person RPG with real time combat. NPC will have schedules in what they do or when they sleep. Monsters will have behavior patterns where they wander around, will investigate and eat corpses, and take a fighting stances to ward you off rather then be a constant predator. Quests are long and detailed with many different ways to complete them. You will have huge environments to explore and scavenge in order to survive the 6 chapters you play and will be traveling back and forth between locations and this can sometimes be boring after awhile. Later on,You will get access to teleporters that will take you to certain locations. It may seem annoying not to teleport to wherever you want but it keeps it so exploration is risky and dangerous. The environments will change in each chapter and people will have new quests. You can expect to die a lot as you learn from your mistakes but they are not unfair as you will learn to foresee them. The game play is awkward at first but it works well as you get use to it. Combat focuses on Kitting, which means isolating your enemy and/or keeping your distance while hitting them away from their reach with magic and arrows. Fighting monsters in the game means you have to learn their attack patterns and back off to avoid their attacks as you can't block their attacks. Magic and arrows will always kill humans while swords will incapacitate them temporarily if they are NPC's. You can block human's attacks but they are much stronger then monsters and more likely to kill you if you get hit due to their high weapon abilities. It is possible to fight enemies even at level 1 but it takes a lot of work. If you can kill an enemy at the distance the better you will be especially if it with groups or monsters that attack in groups. At first you will not be able to handle groups of monsters and barely handle a goblin but after while you will especially when you will be facing groups of enemies in chapter 2. Humans and any opponent that uses weapons should always best fought one on one to avoid dying. The game will continuously get harder as you go along so the game will always be a challenge.To level up in this game you must fight monsters, knock out or kill humans, complete quests, perform stunt bonuses, pickpocket people. The amount of experience you need will increase to large amounts making it important to think about where you will place your learning points. When you level up you get 10 learning points to spend on trainers to level up your skills and stats. These trainers can be any NPC that has a name so you should talk to everyone.The game has it's fair amount of bugs an glitches though they are small Sound:The sound in this game is quiet good. From the sound of foots steps to the natural ambiance of the world. It all pulls you into the atmosphere of the game. Even the music is good. There are not a lot of songs in the game so it can be tiring to listen to after while but they fit the mood of the game well. They are memorable. The acting in the game is pretty good with everyone sounding like a real person and not overacting. Unfortunately, for the size of the game, you will hear many of the same actors over and over again with some minor variations in tone. Never the less, the same voices being heard repeatedly won't hurt the enjoyment of the game. Graphics:The graphics in the game are quiet good. All textures are very detailed with real color tones unlike most modern game. Even the fog and the sun shine adds to the atmosphere of making the game to look almost like a painting. The graphics despite coming out in 2002 still stand the test of time in being pleasant on the eyes and looking good at high resolutions. The game can be played in 4:3 and 16: 10 resolutions. You can go into the ini file to edit in 16:9 resolution but it glitches were every time you die, it turns into stretch mode which can be cured by talking to someone or maybe by interacting with an object.Conclusion: Overall I would recommend this game to anyone that likes RPG's and wants to experience something different. You can buy this game DRM free at GOG for $10 or get the entire Gothic trilogy for $25 on GamerGate

Matseb2611, Jun 23, 2012

Looks like all of the negative scores don't have any reviews, so I'll be brave and post the first one. Only tried the game out recently and was hoping it'd be an improvement over the first Gothic. As a matter of fact, there were some improvements. The controls are a bit better now and aren't as tricky as in the first game. Also the story carries on from the first right away and I generally thought that the music and the atmosphere were as good as in the first one. However, nothing else had improved. In fact, in terms of pacing it got even worse. Much worse. Now you're thrust right into a huge city without any direction as to what to do. Or in fact, you are told to go and do x, y, and z. However, when you try to find out how to get those tasks done, the game just shrugs and tells you to find it out by yourself. Now this is incredibly boring. Do I have to go around and talk to every NPC in the city in a hope that at least one of them can tell me something useful? I understand open gameplay and all, but it still needs some direction. If the game isn't going to bother to captivate and immerse me, then why should I continue to plough on, hoping that eventually it would get interesting? It's just incredibly slow paced. If you are someone who wants to get right into the game and do interesting stuff, then I'd avoid Gothic 2 for sure. Now I've still got Gothic 3 left. I'm just hoping at least that would be an improvement over 1 and 2.