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Gothic War has decimated the land, Orc Hordes are invading human territory and the king of the land needs a lot of ore to forge enough weapons for his army to stand against this threat. Prisoners from all over the empire are imprisoned in a large magical sphere where they have to work in the mines for the king. You are thrown into the sphere to give a letter to the high mages, this letter may be the turning point on the war against the Orcs. [Xicat Interactive]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 7299
Genre Role-Playing, General
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Xicat Interactive / Piranha Bytes
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Gothic reviews ( 7 )

Merkusek, Mar 31, 2015

Respectable European role-playing game. If you like epic story and great mood, you will enjoy this game. I've played all games from the Gothic serie several times and I felt the same every time - excitement. I really recommend that great eRPG.

OneVoice, Nov 22, 2011

How the hell does this game have such a low score. I'm a big fan of open-world RPG games, and this game is the definition of what I find good in a game. Admittedly, it does take an hour or two before you really sink into the world and the story, but once you reach that point, and you've gotten used to the combat system, the game doesn't let you go. The world is one of the most well-designed worlds from almost any game I've ever played. Play it!

Raben89, Oct 26, 2017

Day 1: Arrived to colony, got beaten up, went to Old camp, told the guard I'm going to kill everyone here, got beaten up again. Day 2: Refused to pay "protection money", some digger tried to beat me up so I hid in the barrel, nearly got beaten up again. Day 4: Bought skirt in Sect camp, put on the skirt, got 3 joints of weed for free, increased my maximum mana by smoking weed. Day 6: Met a drunk guy in New camp who offered me to sell his weed and split profit, sold weed kept the ore nuggets for myself. Day 8: Went to old mine, lured the guard away from his chest, cleaned up the chest, nearly got beaten up, sold him the key of his chest. Day 10: Grilled 250 pieces of meat, put a guy to sleep with a spell, robbed his house, got beaten up again. Day 11: Went into forest to collect mushrooms for the chef, got eaten by Shadowbeast. 10/10 Best game ever!

krushak, Dec 30, 2012

best action-rpg by far - great german voice actors (it's unique) - manually designed world, not like a TES - best athmosphere i have ever seen, the graphic and the rough world of bandits - unique! - great story - from zero to hero, not from hero to god :) - specific controls - of course, not for casuals :D

FaceCommander, Jun 10, 2012

Good story , good world design , good atmospheric feel and great music it really makes for enjoyable rpg game , it takes a 20 to 30 mins till you learn controls , but after learning them its an awesome ride. This game don't have inventory routine cause it's unlimited space , and no respwan every 15 mins routine cause spawns are set to story events and etc.Characters don't sound like just useless quest givers ,npc have personalities. Story is really nice. Journal has hand writen feel to it. Quite nice variety of spells no unneeded like in some other rpgs. Overall :compact full of content world , enjoyable characters, nice smooth combat , no limit for inventory , great atmospheric feeling , quest journal that actually helps or at times atleast is fun , very awesome epic music , freedom of class (bows, magic , melee you can do it all pretty much). This game shows how I would like RPGs to be made.

zupergozer, Aug 24, 2011

the game has an amazing story line and atmosphere. the story is very original, it is about you the nameless protagonist who gets thrown inside the penal colony of Khorinis, the penal colony is surrounded by a magic barrier which makes it impossible for the convicts to escape, so it is some sort of medieval Australia anyway the convicts rule the penal colony and they have three camps the old camp, the swamp camp and the new camp. the protagonist has to join one of these camps to advance into the story. it is very fun to meet all kinds of different characters in the game and to find out the dark secrets of the colony. sadly the game also contains a lot of bucks, for instance I currently can't play the game once I start the game it crashes. and it does that on all my 4 computers so the story and atmosphere is really good but the bugs and average gameplay kill one point of this game

SolidSnakeJr, Nov 7, 2017

This is without question the worst game of all time. The gameplay is horrible, the combat is laughable, it tried to copy TES and failed. The story is cliche and boring, it's like they hired kids to write the story of this game, the music is just pure cancer and the graphics, wow, i seen games from 1996 with better graphics. This is truly the most pathetic wannabe TES game ever made, these indie developers should make their own game and not steal ideas.