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Grand Ages: Medieval Grand Ages: Medieval is a real-time strategy game from Gaming Minds. Lead your people and advance through the decades by utilising construction, research, expansion and conquest in an area extending from Scandinavia and North Africa; to Portugal, the Caucasus and the Middle East. Rise from the humble role of a simple mayor governing a small settlement and rule over all of Europe. Experience an exciting campaign with elaborately designed cut-scenes, play by your own rules in free play or test your skills in multiplayer against up to 8 players!

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 65 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1724
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, General, Historic
Company / Developer
Kalypso / Gaming Minds Studios

Grand Ages: Medieval reviews ( 7 )

SpartanMario, Sep 26, 2015

This game is great. I gave it higher review than what i thought mostly from those who are jumping on the bandwagon to giving this game low reviews. While seemingly barebone at first, this game has amazing depth once you play more than a few hours into it and it is a really challenging game to learn. The learning curve and combination of having to micromanage everything is what throws many people off. General tip, only produce enough to have a surplus but not enough to completely fill storage.

Paphatters, Nov 13, 2015

This game is a new kind of mix of expansion, economy and exploration. In the beginning you start with a small town and you have to found new towns and stabilize your small realm with production and trade routes. Later you take over or capture towns, you start war and fight your opponents to expand into their realm. Your goal is to have more towns and citizens than all the other emperors. However, troops are expensive and their upkeep is high as well. You need to make lots of money before raising up a huge army and you cannot afford a huge army for a long time. The steps are: make money, create army, defeat an enemy (or capture some towns) and then reduce you army until you have enough money for the next rush.

Gopnik, Sep 28, 2015

Inform yourself before buying this game. Like it's a economic simulation rather than a war game. You need to spend at least 5 hours into the game before the game jumps into mid-gameplay, but only if you figure your economy out. For me the game gives a ton of fun, and I hope people not jumping on the hate train will figure this out too.

Neravarine, Sep 29, 2015

This game shows a lot of promise and its addictive a lot, but also it has a lot of problems. In my opinion this was supposed to be a mix between Crusader Kings and Total War to put it roughly. But it turned out to be a "Strategy" game, it has no tactics what so ever in combat, its little more then browser games combat, why in the 7 hells didn't you make a combat like for example Hegemony series, it looks like it anyway. Another problem I found is AI for, well everything, but the trade when u set a route, they can do a good job, but they can **** you up, I was starting to think that whole AI was working against me. The merchant kept hoarding the goods, or just buying it back after they sell it, I have no idea why there was no detailed system for trades: For Example- On each rout I can set how much barrels of "something" I am willing to buy at one town, and then to sell at next one.. etc etc.. you got the point. Animals are a bit stronger then they should be, and battles last far too long by games timeline, 100vs100 fighting for 3 weeks... gr8.. And my biggest problem: Who ever did artwork of St. Sophia(Hagia Sophia) is either some1 who hates Orthodox Christians or a total idiot, coz Orthodox version of it did not have those god damn pointy towers, and it had cross on it. Still I like the game, and I like it a lot, just if some1 were to fix the battles and the god damn trade AI. Well trade can be worked out, but still it can be retarded from time to time.

Mhyth, Oct 1, 2015

At over 60 hours of gameplay I can see the potential for this game to be greatly enjoyable in about 3 to 6 months when the developers reboot/re-imagine UI information transparency and economy/trade route management interface and automation tools. I'm also already at the frustration point of putting the game on the shelf for at least 3 months hoping that happens. I'm sure when the developers were playtesting it all seemed to be 'functioning as intended' in an old school Verant-ish sense - that's because the behind the scenes economic mechanics were precisely known to them like the back of their hands that type the code. The game itself and the in game knowledge base do a poor job of communicating that information making early gameplay a very painful trial and error, go broke and restart experience. Contrary to many avid empire gamers instincts glacially slow growth, fastidious repetitive micromanagement and frequently tweaking logistics are seemingly required. Aggressively building, over-investing in military technologies or attempting warfare conquest too early in the game breaks the economy as well - in addition to warfare being innately simplistic, slow, and tedious. This game is an a.r. economy micromanager's dream in it's current state. Most other gamers may want to wait for it to get more time in the oven or pick it up on a discount site sale.

Gunteraz, Sep 25, 2015

This game had much potential but in the end it's yet another Kalypso cash-grab attempt. Game is very basic and from the get-go you understand that it's designed to require tons of DLc before it becomes anything other than medicore game. Not to mention that pre-order price was 38 euros, which was supposedly -15% off, but the launch price is 36.99.

Uncontested, Oct 22, 2015

Was suckered by Kalypso's use of "Grand Ages" in the title. My bad for assuming that the game would be anything like GA: Rome which its not, at all, obviously I liked the original since I bought this pile of dog dung. I hope Kalypso fails in the near future, they can't be allowed to continue like they are, making DLC games, ripping off old titles to sell you garbage. Not to mention if you were a moron like me and pre-ordered on STEAM you can't get a refund since you're outside of 2 weeks. Never mind all those people who get to try the game and get a refund.. you pre-purchased 3 weeks ago so we're not refunding you LOL.. what a joke even though you only wasted 30 minutes and found this game to be a complete waste of time. Save your money.. its nothing like "Grand Ages" I still can't even figure out why the heck they used that title.. would have been better off starting with something new... oh but wait.. its Kalypso they need more money and more DLC games in their catalog so god forbid they make a 'classic' type of RTS/City Builder.. Nope not here!