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Gratuitous Tank Battles Gratuitous Tank Battles is coming to the PC and Mac, developed by Positech Games, makers of Democracy, Kudos and of course Gratuitous Space Battles. Gratuitous Tank Battles is an RTS/Tower Defense hybrid with online elements and customisable units. The player can take the role of the defender or the attacker in a series of top-down explodey battles. A built-in map editor will allow easy sharing of custom maps and defensive challenges with other GTB players in a similar fashion to GSB's challenge system. GTB takes place in an alternate reality where the 'central powers' never surrender and the 'great war' continues for two hundred years. Soldiers still fight in the trenches of the Somme, although rifles have (mostly) become laser rifles and giant armored mechs stride across no-mans land. The two great armies continue to fight with patriotic zeal and little memory of who Franz Ferdinand was and what happened to him. One thing is certain: It will all be over by Christmas 2114. FEATURES: - Play as attacker or defender on any map. - Design your own unique units from a huge range of components. - Use Turrets, Tanks, Mechs, Infantry and special command units. - Integrated map editor to allow trivial sharing of custom maps. - Upload your maps and armies as online challenges for other players - It will all be over by Christmas.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1376
Genre Strategy, General
Company / Developer
Positech Games / Positech Games

Gratuitous Tank Battles reviews ( 7 )

rjtipton, Jun 3, 2012

Hands-down the best tower defense game I have ever played, if you can actually describe it in such simple terms (there are a ton of different options and play styles).Plus the editor is fantastic fun. Why don't all td games include editors?I've heardly played the online battles, but I hear they are pretty good. Just determined to finish the campaign first :DD

davidmitchell, Jul 1, 2012

Excellent game, the ultimnate tower defense game in many ways, due to the options that are available and the built-in editor. How any site could review the game is 'boring' is beyond belief. Highly, highly recommended.

patrick_hamblet, Jun 1, 2012

Great game. It takes the tower defense genre and totally expands on it in almost every direction at once. Want to play as the attacker? check! want to design your own units appearance? check! want to design their load-out too? check! you can even edit the maps from within the game itself and share them with other GTB players in the game itself. I can't see me playing a 'normal' tower defense game again after this, because they are all incredibly predictable and confined in comparison.Also...the game has multiple AI 'modes' which let you do the standard old school TD thing and defend against a predictable wave of enemies, or...... you can choose what they call 'adaptive' AI which means that the AI actviely tries to outwit you and react to whatever untis you have pout down.TBH, I can't see why any tower defense game has not done this before, it's truly excellent.I can't recommend the game highly enough.

AaronRighter, Jun 24, 2012

Originally posted on I had heard of Gratuitous Space Battles, even got it in a bundle a while back, but it sat in my Steam collection unplayed for quite a while. When Gratuitous Tank Battles came out, I didn't really blink, it didn't look that impressive and I figured it would be the same thing just with tanks. Boy was I wrong. The genre of tower defense seems to be overdone and fraught with games that don't introduce much of anything new. These vanilla ice cream cones of games just repeat the same boring formula, occasionally throwing some chocolate sprinkles on top (Jimmies if you're from New Jersey) and honestly I just can't get excited about the thirteenth slightly different tower defense game that someone put out. Well if those games are vanilla cones, Gratuitous Tank Battles is that ridiculous seven scoop sundae that is slathered in chocolate sauce covered in whip cream and has half a pound of walnuts on it that five spoonfuls in makes you fall over with instant type two diabetes. Gratuitous Tank Battles is the tower defense game you order when you're not messing around and you're looking to play a REAL tower defense game that someone put an amazing level of thought and work into. Here's what I like about it. First you get both types of tower defense, some call the second type reverse tower defense where you control the units spawning and run them through enemy controlled towers. In GTB this manifests itself as the ability to attack or defend on a map. The campaign mode has a several maps you can go through, and you can choose what units the enemy AI will have access to when you play. Here's where it gets good, you see each stock unit is nice sure, but wouldn't you like to tweak your units a bit? There's a massive unit editor that allows you to change all of the stats on a unit, rename it, and save it as your new killer unit. Even better, as you progress through the campaign you unlock new weapons, armor, targeting scopes, shields, and support items to help build better units for you to use throughout the game. Did you finish the campaign? That fast huh? Well how about you go make your own maps, then. There's a map editor that lets you edit the paths, place trenches and turret emplacements, and even change the terrain tiles and fluff so that you can make it look how you want it to. When that's done you can put your own challenges online and have other people play them, and in turn play other people's challenges for XP. Like I was saying there is a ton of gameplay here. There are a few issues I'm not a fan of. I guess first, visually it doesn't knock me out. I'm a fan of old school Mechwarrior, the art for that was never amazing, but it did have a unique feel to it. I'd definitely like to see some real style put into it. Second, the interface has some issues. It takes a while to get used to where everything is, as how things work isn't immediately obvious. I didn't even understand the circles until I dove into the unit creation and figured out they were HP, Armor, and/or Shields. The cool thing is that the designer knows this and actually put out a post on the indie game reddit saying "hey what would you guys do to improve the GUI?". I think this is a great sign, it shows that the developer understands the issues with the game and wants to take player's input as to how things should be fixed. That's the type of guy you support and Gratuitous Tank Battles is the type of game you support because no matter how much you find this game priced at this seven scoop sundae of a tower defense extravaganza is giving you an enormous amount of gameplay for your buck. With the amount of customization options you get, you're practically able to make your own version of the game and that's something that no other tower defense game really lets you do.

keefbaker, Nov 13, 2013

Tower Defence or tower offence... Whichever you like, both executed quite well. As with gratuitous space battles you can design your own units as well. However while there is more to the game mechanic it does appear to have lost some of the simple charm.

dubesor, Oct 3, 2012

Pricing at the same as Torchlight1+2 combined is ludicrous. I mean the game is alright, it's your default tower defense game with inferior graphics. You get literally thousands of those for free on any flashsite. Would consider trying it yourself on a sale. But don't spend more than 5 bucks on this.

BalancerAccount, Nov 18, 2013

This 0 rating review exists solely for the purpose of counteracting the fake review posted by Cliff Harris of Positech games. The specific user account being: "patrick_hamblet". Please check this profile if you desire confirmation of this, (time of writing 18th November 2013). When it comes to the making of money, Cliff Harris is as bad as any corporate giant such as Electronic Arts or Activision. His lack of moral fiber is clearly shown in his efforts to deceive the potential customer into buying his games.