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Great War Nations: The Spartans Combine economic development with tactical real time battles, all fully rendered in glorious 3D in Great War Nations: The Spartans. Spanning two campaigns each with seven missions, take over control of the legendary people of Macedonia and Sparta. You will fight alongside great heroes and bring peace to the city states of ancient Greece. Assemble your army and fight with your soldiers for wealth and peace, becoming more successful than even Alexander The Great. But beware: It will not be just your enemies who will envy you. [DreamCatcher Interactive]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 54 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1010
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Historic, General
Players 1-8
Company / Developer
Dreamcatcher / WorldForge

Great War Nations: The Spartans reviews ( 1 )

VinceP, Sep 2, 2012

Great War Nations: The Spartans is a fairly basic real time strategy game that features a couple of novel gameplay ideas, solid graphics, OK sound, and a thin story. Gameplay tends to be slow, with combat changing the player's fortune rather quickly. Players can design their own units using a palette of weapons and armor collected and/or researched, but the collection of the components, the number of them, and the relative lack of healing units ensure a fairly tedious cycle of build -> combat -> build again. Heroes are merely super-powered infantry without much in the way of strategic abilities nor even token personalities, which was a disappointment for me. All in all, it's an 'OK' budget game by a budget studio, but don't expect the few novel ideas in the game to carry the day. Experienced strategy gamers will certainly be disappointed and strategy beginners are better served by higher quality titles even if they aren't quite as cheap.