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Grimmwood: They Come at Night Grimmwood is a challenging co-op MMO, seamlessly blending elements of survival, strategy and exploration. In an ageless, mystical forest, together with up to 40 other strangers, you need to defend your Village because each night, around midnight, the monsters will attack.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 63
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, General
Players Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Headup Games / Big Moustache Games
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Grimmwood: They Come at Night reviews ( 2 )

Tom_Tihomirov, Nov2, 2018

Personally favorite game, though have in mind it is not for everybody. It is Stamina management game about up to 40 simple villagers (real players, no bots), trying to survive in a cursed forest. You have to maintain your stats, equip well, cooperate and plan carefully your strategy. I don't recommend the game for players, who dislike perma death, co-op games and slow paced games - you play several short sessions per day, one game is 5-15 days. There is also the so-called "Blitz mode", where you play 1-3 hours dynamically, but I am not an expert there - maybe some players will prefer this one. I also recommend you to play with some friends or join in the Discord channel, since IMO it is more fun to be part of a more organized group.

Vilorp, Nov6, 2018

Grimmwood или Гримогор е чудесна кооператвниа игра караща напълно непознати хора да работят заедно за постигане на обща цел. Дали ще участвате в хайка за чистене на чудовища или ще се позовете на яката си гърбина за да помогнете в строежа на защитните съоръжения? Може разбира се да играете и като пълен егоист и да разчитате на това че други щу емрат за да живеете вие, но пък това е до време. В основата на играта е комуникацията с другите играчи и това да успеете да се сработите едни с други. Не давам 10 само защото играта всъщност не е съвсем завършена, а разработчиците почти ежеседмично пускат обновления за, да я направит по предизвикателна и интересна.