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Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes The young recruit Drake failed at the military academy exam. He was refused to fight for his proud kingdom Glory. Humiliated and frustrated he wants to end his life by jumping into the throat of brutal mushrooms. But then he learns that he's not the only one disappointed and that there are others who can't go on with their lives. He comes across the last depressed remains of the kingdom's army which return badly injured from an all or nothing battle. The very battle Drake couldn't fight in. One of the survivors is the most popular hero of all mankind: Holy Avatar. The arrogant knight in shiny armor tells you how a suddenly appearing sect crushed the whole kingdoms' army. The land Glory is overrun by creatures of the Dark Church and what's even worse, HE, the mighty Holy Avatar, was beaten the first time in his life.Now it is on YOU, Drake, to recruit a force and fight off the Dark Church before the population learns about the defeat and runs scared. However, all the land's heroic men are deadly injured or already dead. Only the most dubious and criminal creatures are left, deeply hidden in the high security dungeons.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 67 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1682
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Fantasy, Tactics
Company / Developer
Meridian4 , Headup Games / Silent Dreams
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Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes reviews ( 7 )

YourDudeness, Mar 17, 2011

Much underrated!At first glance the game seems not as polished as other games, but I have to admit that it is very addictive.There are very few games which I have finished, but this one has a great mix of humour and playability which kept me playing to the end.If you do not expect a realtime 1st person RPG you will have a good time for about 10-20 hours.

BlackKnight, Feb 25, 2011

One of the most funny indie games I ever played on Steam. Simple Party RPG with nice ideas. A bit like Vandal Hearts, Kings Bounty or Fire Emblem but with focus of humor and story. Glad to see they work on Grotesque Tactics 2 with cool graphics.

Axledemon1452, Sep 11, 2013

Great Cheap game i love the art style And have always been a huge fan of tactical games It show's Humor that more RPG need to have. Frankly this is one of the best strategic games i have played.

overfiend87, Aug 7, 2013

The game is a turn-based strategy where you have command of heroes who are attempting to foil the evil followers of "the mother of god". It starts out with the main character being a emo who was the only one ever to fail at the commander achademy and attempt to sacrifice himself until a Paladin names the "Holy Avatar" comes to your aid and inspires you to fight against the forces of darkness. Like Deathspank, this game has tongue-in-cheek humour at fantasy styled RPGs and MMOs with some silly enemies that'll bring a smile to your face such as savage mushrooms and sabre-toothed bunnies. There are even green mushrooms that when killed you hear the maro 1hp trune play and even see a 1hp appear. All character have unique abilities and you have to think tactically in order to fight back and cut down the enemy. A fun little game and good to have a little laugh at too.

taazz, Oct 19, 2010's "OK" if you like those RPG games from 1990, with graphics upgraded to 1995. It makes me nostalgic for the good ole, simple days of turn-based combat. Put your wizard "here", put your warriors "there". For $15 from Steam, it's not the worst deal ever.

ludd_gang, Jan 3, 2011

Middling on all counts. Mediocre graphics, dull gameplay, the text to humor ratio is way long on text for the mild chuckles. In short, jpanic is correct on all counts. I don't blush a bit at RPG ladies, but dude, it isn't the skin, it's the AGE of the "maidens" that makes you feel shame. I ended up getting bored and deleting the game.

Zeyami, Dec 18, 2011

The game has terrible combat and virtually no depth. This game is only funny in that the gameplay is a joke. Every tactical rpg Ive played before this actually enabled players to use strategy. This game found a way to inhibit it via irritating chain pulling of creatures, undefined aggro bounds, and an attempt to force tbs onto what was clearly intended to be a 3d version of maplestory.