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Ground Control Two political factions have gone to war over a distant world and the secrets it holds in Ground Control, a visually stunning and frenetically paced action/real-time strategy game from Sierra Studios and Massive Entertainment. [Sierra Studios]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 88 / 100
User rating
Downloads 874
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Sci-Fi, General
Players 1-8
Company / Developer
Sierra Entertainment / Massive Entertainment

Ground Control reviews ( 5 )

Kosheus, Feb 28, 2012

Best graphics strategy series.Always in my memory. I don't think about gameplay because of its really stunning graphics (good optimised either).Graphic measure. Iconic.I regret this game series died.

Mike, Sep 27, 2003

Great Game! The graphics are good, it is challenging, and yet it is easy to use. I only wish that the characters didn't use so much foul language.

Maneinarr, Sep 15, 2015

For a game released in march 2000!!! yes 2-0-0-0 (it means it was DEVELOPED IN 1999!) this game is amazing... really... handsdown amazing... try to compare it to the competition up to that date... you simply can't... but it was linear and simple and that makes it a 9/10. Please disregard infants who can't elaborate a contextual, logical review like CarcerC or Pandarve... seriously guys... pre 2000 NOTHING was this hot

parpabico, Jul 5, 2013

Talk about revolutionary... some half a year after the release of another "best selling" C&C clone we get this game. While the image quality is dated, this game is by no means revolting to play even 13 years later AND it beats many of the more modern genre options in the way it implements combat and accounts for relevant combat variables such as lighting, visibility and terrain elevation AND features plausibly looking aircraft (all the modeling work errs on the side of realism). Great game.

CarcerC., May 10, 2007

Fun, but only while it isn't being amazingly frustrating. The pathfinding AI is woefully incapable of dealing with obstacles in the form of other units, and there seems to be no pattern to which sections of near-vertical cliff infantry can or can't climb. Sometimes enemy units can be spotted and engaged from a long way off; other times my squads seemed completely unable to target the enemies who were just on a slope on front of them, making mincemeat of my units as I try to pull them back and they all get stuck on each other. That said, ruining someone's day with the artillery units is entertaining to say the least.