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Grow Home Feel the freedom of unbounded climbing as you take control of BUD, a procedurally animated robot on a quest to save his planet. Create your own path through an alien world as you control and ride a giant plant on a vertical journey to the stars.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2354
Genre Action Adventure, Sandbox, Open-World
Company / Developer
Ubisoft / Ubisoft Reflections
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Grow Home reviews ( 7 )

SanaZ19, Feb 13, 2015

this is a good game really i wondered from ubisoft for this game ubisofts 2d game or really good such as rayman or child of light or valiant heart art graphic is good for this game and i love this world !

kraenk, Feb 10, 2015

Lovely and lighthearted game which really should be featured on the front page of Metacritic. The game is alittle short but one can hope for future extensions. Adorable game, please try!

xdgdf, Feb 5, 2015

The game is full of creativity,аll very high quality painted,аmazing visual style. Good jokes. Very pleased.Another great game from Ubisoft,would recommend.

BBQnaoplox111, Nov 25, 2015

Do not play this without a controller.. your wrist will thank you lolololol Over all this is a very charming game with a cool look and fun gameplay mechanic... Very unique... enjoyed it very much. ALSO NO DRM!!!!!

Mr_Origami, Jun 12, 2017

Grow Home is a lovely 3D platforming where the main goal is to reach the top of an area (your spaceship) starting to the bottom (a beach, sea level) with the help of seeds that generates a main gigantic plant with flexible finger-plants that will allow you to reach the apparently unreachable. The level design is based on a unique scenario (just one gigantic area surrounded by the sea) where secondary objectives are represented by crystals finding aimed to upgrade your jet pack power (that gives you just little jump-boosts) and flora/fauna collection to bring under scanning through the teleporter machines (placed as sort of checkpoints on different heights) that will enrich your computer database called M.O.M. (your spaceship). Plus, a final objective once you reach the very top and your plant has completely grown. Technically, is based on the simple gravity/physics basics but the originality comes out when you understand that your character have inertia speed (once it runs then suddenly stops or just jump+jet pack boosted) and hand grabbing technique (left hand- right hand) that allows you to climb rapidly (once you get it well) or slowly if you carry a specimen on the other hand (there is no inventory! And that's cool). Obviously, the game pad is strongly recommended as the right stick for camera view will be fundamental to add yourself an extra extended view (pressing the right stick) in order to catch all the things that might goes out of sight while you're climbing a rock, for example. It's a fresh game play, no matter if the story is simple and short. It's a basic concept to play and enjoy and maybe it will be shaped into something more spectacular, who knows? The effort is considerable but it must be mentioned that is not the entire Ubisoft company that made this...just a little group of people under Ubisoft company, just a little seed, comparable to an indie work...exactly like the entire philosophy of this game! Well deserved, guys.

Tomxike, Aug 20, 2016

After seeing that a sequel has been made and is now out on game store, I immediately want to try out the prequel. Now, the game's beautiful. And the atmosphere, everything sound just right. It has a simple story about a robot name's BUD and he's trying to plant a tree into space (sounds awesome right o_0?) while also trying to collect the plant's seed in order to analyze it. The game mechanics is fun at first, but then can be devastating at times, because if you fall down without having been to the nearest checkpoint you're gonna have to climb back and it takes time and it can be really boring. So if you want something to play to kill time definitely check this out!

TitaniumDragon, Jul 14, 2015

Grow Home is a 3D platforming game which centers around being a small robot who slowly climbs up a vine, guiding its growth into crystals to allow it to grow yet higher, so he can get back to his space ship and go home. With extremely loose controls, a dodgy camera, tedious mechanics, and no depth, this is a game to avoid, feeling more like a school project than a finished game. Story There is very little story to the game; there are a few bits of flavor text here and there, and MOM – either an AI of some sort, or a fellow being who is elsewhere in the universe – occasionally gives you hints or makes “wry” (non-voice acted) remarks on your progress. Gameplay The game centers about climbing around the game world, slowly growing your vine upwards. To grow the vine, you must crawl up the vine to various red flowers, which you can then command to grow outwards. Each of these will sprout bouncy leaves, to help you ascend a bit faster, and additional red flowers, to allow you to grow additional vines. There are 100 small crystals hidden around the various floating islands in the game, and collecting those power up your robot’s jetpack; there are also large crystal islands, which you must direct the growth of the vines into in order to grow the main vine higher and burst through various barriers and reach the top of the map. There are also a number of things you can drag into your various telepods – locations you can teleport back to when you die – which unlock entries in a data bank. That is literally 100% of the gameplay, and it is very dull. The controls for your robot are terrible, and carrying things around is extremely tedious, as you can easily drop them while doing other tasks. Climbing is an arduous process of alternating clicks of the shoulder buttons, and is made all the worse when the surface is uneven. Jumping and using your jetpack feels a little better, but is still very awkward, and it is easy to miss jumps and fall to your doom. A few pick-upable items – a flower which slows your descent, and a glide leaf which lets you glide around like on a hangglider – do little to spruce up the gameplay. All in all, the game is a very tedious process of ascending the vine and growing it outwards, then upwards, then outwards again; less than half an hour into the game, you have seen everything it has to offer. If you don’t bother to collect the collectables, you could easily beat the entire game in an hour, and you’d still think it was too long. Collecting the collectables is tedious – most of environmental items you collect for the databank aren’t too bad, but a few have to be lugged large distances while suffering from the dodgy controls. The small crystals, on the other hand, are extremely tedious to find; the only hint to their presence is an audio cue when the camera is close to them, which means that at the end of the game, if you’re missing any crystals, finding the rest of them is a matter of pure chance. Many are hidden in places which aren’t readily visible while gliding around, making this primarily a job for consulting a FAQ – if you were bothered to do it, which you really shouldn’t bother to do. Graphics The game has graphics which would have been an embarrassment in the Playstation 1 era; they’re ugly and unappealing, and the creatures in the game look terrible. The only thing which looks at all passable is the world from great elevation; it slowly becomes increasingly spherical around the horizon, and from a great distance, the vines and islands look somewhat visually appealing. Unfortunately, you will spend very little of the game admiring this, and most of the game looking at low-resolution textures and extremely blocky polygonal vines. Final Summary There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to spend your time, let alone your money, on this game. If it was a school project, I might be impressed, but as an actual commercial release, it is just not up to snuff. It is boring, tedious, repetitive, and yet manages to annoy you even though the entire game is likely to take no more than a few hours to complete. Save your money and your time and do other things.