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GTR FIA Racing Experience the original FIA GT Championship first-hand on your PC as you pit your skills against over 70 different opponents on all 10 legendary race courses such as SPA, Donington, and Monza. Developed by racing professionals, GTR is the most realistic racing experience ever. Original FIA GT Series cars and courses. 3 playing modes for newcomers, experienced players and simulation pros including intense multiplayer action. Real racing teams featuring over 70 race cars, including the Porsche 911, Viper GTS-R, BMW Z3 M and Ferrari 550 Maranello. Highly realistic opponent AI giving a total race experience! Dynamic weather changes during the race. Unrestricted game save and reload function. MOTEC Analysis Software: GTR uses the analysis software used by real racing teams. Based on real-life FIA GT team telemetry data. Live Track Technology: course conditions change as the race progresses. [Atari]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1714
Genre Driving, Racing, Simulation, GT / Street, Automobile
Players 44 Online
Company / Developer
10tacle Studios / SimBin
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GTR FIA Racing reviews ( 2 )

Khildram, Nov 13, 2011

The precursor to GTR²... A great game which shortcomings were answered by GTR². Also GTR² includes all the content of this one (maybe except the Oval tracks, but there are certainly some Mods for that if you really want to turn your wheel in one side only). Get GTR² instead.And play with a wheel.

PunjabiMC, Apr 19, 2005

This game uses StarForce and you can tell from the official and non-official forums this game is full of bugs. No patch has been released to fix some of the issues that have been their since the German release only the 24hrs cars which are great and new StarForce drivers that make it run much slower and take a longer time to check. Many racing leagues are petitioning this product because it failes to provide a Dedicated Server option.