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Guild of Dungeoneering Guild of Dungeoneering is a turn-based dungeon crawler with a twist: instead of controlling the hero you're tasked with building the dungeon around him. Using cards drawn from your Guild decks you lay down rooms, monsters, traps and of course loot.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1524
Genre Role-Playing, Roguelike
Company / Developer
Versus Evil / Gambrinous
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Guild of Dungeoneering reviews ( 7 )

leannecun, Jul 16, 2015

Cute graphics and found the gameplay quite addictive, makes me want to keep going back to play more when my character dies. Good for board game fans. Cool soundtrack too, worth checking out

juanval, Jul 19, 2015

Beautiful small independent game. It's original because you create the dungeon tile by tile, you put the monsters and loot on the tiles and your dugeoneer moves automatically lured by gold or monsters. Before buying it, I recommend to you to see some video. If you like the video you´ll like the game. It has a different approaching: your dungeoneers only level up during each dungeon. If the dungeoneer succeeds in the mission he return to level 0. If your minion dies, another minion of the same class replaces it. You obtain different classes buying rooms in your guild. The strong points of this adventure are the interesting card-based combat, the different strategies you can do depending the characteristics of the boss and the class of your dungeoneer. The different bosses and their card decks. At the final stages it's a bit repetitive and the lenght is short, but I have had a lot of fun in some combats.

bloodyshan, Jul 31, 2015

This cute, adorable game is on no aspect a traditional dungeon crawling game, so quit your expectation for a character building or a legendary looting, even an epic boss fight is nonexistent. So, without all above mentioned, what's the fun in this game? To me it's more like a board game with simple but innovative rules, you build your routes in dungeons and choose wisely for your loots depending on the monsters you fight or the heroes you pick, because you obtain combat skills based on the traits of these loots (aggressive/defensive, magic/physical) which you have to rely on for completing the dungeon run. There are a lot of fun trying to build combo or counter the monsters you fight, it's highly dependent on luck but with no progressive character build you can just laugh away a bad luck and start a new run immediately. It's not roguelike, it's simple and light. The art style is charming, the music and ballads are amazing, and every dungeon run is challenging, fun, and with no stress on your shoulders.

TedDawson, Sep 5, 2015

Fun at first. Then you get used to the game and mechanics and they repeat, repeat, repeat. Good Potential but no long term motivation. +++ Card Fights ++ Neat Gfx + Game Idea -- Overpriced --- Missing long term motivation

blade01, Jul 17, 2015

I think the game is not that great.It looks cute at first, the music is funny and nice but in the end the game is so simplistic that there is nearly no gameplay at all.You build your guild, that basic, not much to do.Adventurerers join the guild, you cant do something with them.The biggest designflaw is for me that the adventurerers will be resetted after every dungeon.What the hell?Oh course they die often if you strip your guys from EVERYTHING and let them walk into harder dungeon.This game is nothing more then a puzzlegame.You have to solve some kind of riddle how to get stronger in the dungeon.You get "stronger" with every encounter.But too much is random stuff that can screw you over.You may compare that game to "The darkest dungeon" but come on.Darkest dungeon screws you too thats the only simliarity. Conclusion:I thought there is more stretegy involved, instead there is shallow gameplay with cute things on the surface.The cute things will be not so cute after youve seen them for the 20th time.Thats not enough to receommend this game.There are many good games out there on sale, theyll give you more game for your dollar/euro.

alchemistgamer, Aug 5, 2015

This game had so much promise when I picked it up. I loved the art style and the game mechanics. However, I quickly realized that this game is unforgiving with its rising difficulty. There are only a handful of stages that your initial and Tier 1 classes can complete before you get stuck having to grind 500 gold for Tier 2 classes. When your worst case scenario on a stage is 2 gold and your best is in the 30 range, this quickly turns this game from fun to aggravating. As there is no stage replaying in the game, once you are done, you are done and there is no reason to pick the game back up again. Best to skip the game in the first place and pick up something that will last longer in the long run.

Innocente, Dec 20, 2015

This game was great when first released. Nice for a fast, stress free diversion from more serious games. With the latest 1.05 patch, mechanics were introduced which totally destroyed the flavor of the game. With permanent negative effects, and inability to play your class without delays, the game is now an exercise in frustration. Might as well play Darkest Dungeon if that is the sort of mechanics that are desired, DD is a much better game at doing that sort of thing.