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Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2346
Genre Role-Playing, Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
ArenaNet / ArenaNet
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Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire reviews ( 7 )

TehOwn, Sep 22, 2017

Path of Fire reminds us of what MMORPGs are all about. Exploration, discovery and joy. It takes us out of the dungeons and into a diverse, exciting and challenging world. Mounts are designed to be the main feature and it shows. Each mount is unique and maps are designed specifically with their strengths and weaknesses in mind. Swapping between them is a joy and as you unlock their abilities, you discover new places you can reach. The maps are filled to the brim with locations to explore and enemies to fight. Diverse combinations of enemies can pose varying risks depending on your skill choices and some are their own little puzzle. Path of Fire unlocks the joy within a game that was already vastly improved under new design direction and marks what I can only hope is a golden age ahead. Now is the time to dive headlong into the world of Tyria. TO VABBI! 12/10

Dianji, Sep 24, 2017

I love this expansion! In my opinion right now the best mmo out there. So much detail and amazing artwork. if you are not sure if you wanna come back or start gw as a new player.. dont hesitate. NOW is the time! :) you wont regret it.

DemethValknut, Sep 24, 2017

Path of Fire is what Guild Wars 2 has always been : Exploration, discovery, insanely fast fun, without constraints. The world building is a never match in the MMO scene before. The desert is huge, insanely big, and well crafted. The lore tidbits are everywhere, from dialogs, to the story, to random npc encounters and chats. The music is gorgeous, as much as the art style. Arenanet had taken lessons from the past. All the major issues GW2 had are no more. The game is stable, has a strong content, both casual and end game, it has a lot of variety of gameplay, content, game modes. The community is very welcoming, and the game is highly populated. If you ever played GW2 and want to come back, don't think it twice, just drown into it, you won't regret it.

madsong, Nov 29, 2017

An MMO that actually care about story, about crafting a world. No gear treadmill, no Pay to Win, just playing the game. Sure, the PVP and WvW (three way server battles) could have some more time given to them, but for a beautiful PVE experience you cant do better than this game.

TheGameQuotient, Sep 27, 2017

Path of Fire is everything Heart of Thorns should have been: Gorgeous wide open maps that encourage exploration. A better balance between solo and group content. You can actually get 100% map completion without having to ask for help in map chat like was necessary in HoT. An actual logical integration of the Mastery system via mounts. I was worried adding mounts to GW2 would be gimmicky, but they're absolutely not. Mounts are used for exploration and transportation and they enabled the maps to grow in size without the gimmicks of updraft gliding and other mastery travel options. If anything adding mounts makes the game feel less gimmicky and more natural. The new class specializations are unlocked faster and the new mastery trees for mounts are shorter than their HoT counterparts. This means you spend more time playing through new content and exploring than grinding levels for mastery points. This was a massive problem in HoT that gated content behind mastery skills and then forced players to grind. That grind is absent in Path of Fire. You generally get the basic masteries needed to unlock the majority of the content up front through exploring a new map. The progression is intuitive and occurs naturally. Grinding takes a back seat. I've not finished the story so won't be able to offer spoilers, but it seems the same stock storyline as we've had since LWS2. The plot is interesting enough, but the dialogue often feels kinda dopey. They've continued the full voice acting, which is nice provided you can stand the voice actor for your character. Unfortunately you continue to be "along for the ride" so to speak, with your character making decisions without your input. Not that this had any over-arching impact during the vanilla storyline, but it did help with immersion. All in all Path of Fire is a much more pleasant experience to HoT. The direction Arena Net chose to go in with this expansion hearkens back to what made the vanilla game so enjoyable and so novel, and throws in a hefty dash of nostalgia from revisiting old GW locations, along with a solid and inspired soundtrack, I feel this was the expansion we had all been waiting for.

Drevia54, Nov 27, 2017

After years of absence on GW2, I see that the game has not aged too much! With pleasure, I made a few parts and it made me want to buy the extension. Especially for the mount! it's also cool to have new areas to explore and a new story quest.

PragnorVorn, Nov 8, 2017

- Predatory gambling via loot boxes. - Nothing new for WvW except a ridiculous grind for PIPs. - Top tier mat prices are ruined buy over supply. - Daily tasks keep giving me objectives to parts of the game I don't play and hate. - Game keeps freezing since POF and requires a reboot each time (can't stop the task). - Game causes my CPU fan to run at 100% when it does run, this is the only game to do this. 5 years of this garbage... game deleted!