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Guild Wars Factions The stand-alone Guild Wars Factions is the second campaign in ArenaNet's massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The Factions campaign, which can be played either connected with the regular Guild Wars or as its own separate game, includes new regions (with an entire new continent), professions, skills, missions, and monsters, along with expanded options for both Cooperative and Player-versus-Player (PvP) play, and enhanced features for guilds. New content includes a number of the skills added to Guild Wars: Factions, including some of the deadly skills of the Assassin and the arcane spells of the spiritual Ritualist. Factions will also introduce a new PvP continent, Battle Isles. Battle Isles will introduce players to new PvP experiences, new and expanded arenas, new quests and a new explorable area as well. [NCsoft]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2335
Genre Role-Playing, General, Massively Multiplayer
Players 64+ Online
Company / Developer
NCSOFT / ArenaNet
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Guild Wars Factions reviews ( 6 )

KarlS., May 26, 2006

1st expansion and can be played as a standalone. Total of 8 classes (2 new classes) The 1st game had more content for levelling under 20 Factions has more content for level 20s. Factions is fun by itself but more fun if you own both GW games.

JennyG., Jul 2, 2006

I play this game alot. In fact all day and I think that the new character classes are coool as shit. But the PvE part could use a lil more to it. It just dont seem as big as the first gw.. But other than that i really like it.

NickRoof, Apr 12, 2009

Loved it! It is true, you do reach the max level half of the way through, but that simply means you don't need to grind or quest for hours to get to the top. Overall the PvP is the part that shines the brightest to me. The Alliance Battles are fun and truely got me back into Guild Wars.

AdamL., May 16, 2006

Compared to the first GW, it takes a bit of getting used to, the missions are altogether more difficult, but this just brings a more strategic view to the game as opposed to the lone hack and slash, still lots of fun, highly recommended.

RobE., Oct 5, 2006

This expansion adds, but it lacks the brilliance of the original. New classes, new skills, new quests, but most of it feels like more of the same. Instead of improving on the original formula, it adds new styles of play and makes them the focus. Just because you loved the original doesn't guarantee you'll love this one. If you haven't bought it yet, save your money for nightfall.

WoodyM., May 27, 2006

A good follow up, but still lacking in some much needed updates...such as an auction house and better storage. The henchman AI is still lacking also. You'll have a much easier time going on missions and quests with real people. Some of the quests get tedious when you have to deliver messages back and forth or an NPC you're supposed to protect runs into the middle of a mob. Finally, the game sometimes feels very linear when you must complete certain quests to access an area.